What is remerchandising?Whether you have been in the retail for a short time, or a lifetime, remerchandising is an important part of retail sales. By its very definition, remerchandising is simply the act rearranging products of a store to give the store a fresh feel, highlight new or seasonal products, or to feature sale or promotional items. For any particular item, it is the act of physically moving that item from one location to another, particularly if the item is part of a discount or sale promotional.

While some of us object to change, keeping a store set up the same way month-after-month and year-after-year may not only grow tiresome for the shopper, but may also limit the opportunity for you to introduce your returning customers to something new. If a customer knows where an item they regularly shop for is located it might be convenient them, but it doesn’t make them want to stop and shop for something new because they are focused on their routine. Change it up!

Remerchandising encourages returning customers to stop by more often. It is human nature to not want to miss out on something new. When customers come by the store and see new things or miss items they are used to seeing in one place, human instinct causes those customers to start questioning if they have been away too long, and they ultimately ask, “What did I miss?” That’s good for business! It will encourage them to come your store more often, so they don’t miss out on anything.

For slow-selling products, moving them to another location encourages more sales. Perhaps the products were overlooked by some customers because of their previous location in the store. Relocating those products to a new spot to be seen by different traffic, may just be the key to getting those products sold.

Benefits of Changing a Little Every Day

Many experts say continual remerchandising is good. No,don’t need to rearrange the store every week. If you do a little bit every day, however, it can make a big difference. Perhaps change up two types of products by switching their location and their displays.

If you do a little each day, you are:

  • Freshening up the store with a new look, and cleaning dust-bunnies while you go.
  • Introducing your customers to items they may not have noticed before.
  • Helping with your own time management. If you spend some of your slow time rearranging products on a regular basis, you won’t have to worry about doing a lot all at once.

Of course, some types of remerchandising require more than a little each day. Special holidays and seasonal changes will require extra time, effort, and coordination, which would not be part of the daily routine.

Remerchandising includes Remarketing

When you move items from one place in the store to another, consider changing the display racks and promotional signage. For example, if you have hats for sale on a wall display, try mixing a combination of several different hat racks of differing heights. Then place them near the center of the store. This will showcase them in a whole new light.

Where the wall display used to be, you can put up a simple sign indicating hats are now displayed in the center aisle. Also, add new promotional signage with the display and add any information to highlight that you are offering a limited-time special price on the merchandise.

How G.A. Wright Can Help!

While some of us fight it, for retail business, change is good! For more ideas on how to remerchandise your store, organize sales, and liquidate unsold products, you can count on the G.A. Wright team for help. We have developed an excellent sales promotion program that can be tweaked to work for any retail business. We have the expertise and experience to make your business sing!

Whether you are experiencing some slow periods, or have worries about the future of your store, call G.A. Wright to help analyze your business and work with you to make strategic decisions to get your business back on the right track. We not only provide in-depth analysis but can also provide employee training and marketing assistance, as well.

There is a reason our clients continually recommend us to others. We have become a valued and trusted company in aiding the retail community throughout North American and beyond. Fill out the contact form on our website and a member of our team will be in touch shortly. We will take the time to understand your business and your concerns while sharing just how G.A. Wright can help you. Contact us today.

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