“She didn’t believe my sales promotion program would work!”

G.A Wright Sales Free Report for Retailers on Sales Events

G.A Wright Sales Free Report for Retailers on Sales Events

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Bobbi Orris became a Retail Sales Promotion Consultant 25 years ago. She’s been doing work for our clients ever since. Last year she told me a story you might like.

Bobbi went through our new consultant orientation in 1993. She was convinced my program wouldn’t work. But, she needed a job and we offered her one. So … she worked for a dance store … then a bridal store… then a department store … then on and on. She was bringing in big crowds of shoppers and huge sales for our client’s stores. … Even she was amazed! Problem was … she still didn’t know why it worked! Then one day she was in Mall of America looking down on the amusement park … watching crowds of customers in stores. All of a sudden it dawned on her. We attracted shoppers because we made shopping fun … fun for customers, fun for employees and fun for store owners. Didn’t make any difference whether we were doing a grand opening, stock reduction or a store closing. It was always fun. The shoppers came in droves and the stores minted money.

Once she figured out why it worked, she really got excited. Started creating her own Special Events.
More stuff to make it fun for shoppers. She became our Queen of Special Events. No! … You can’t have her in your store. She’s too busy with our clients.

But, you can have some of her Special Events for FREE! I’ve chosen a NEW and Expanded List of the best and I’ll send them to you with all the directions you need to make them work in your store.

Call 303-333-4453

I’ll send you these NEW Special Events with all the details. No reason you can’t use these Special Events in your store. I provide a complete description and the
steps you can take to make these events work for you.

So, give us a call and we’ll send you this valuable compilation of traffic and sales generators. Of course, we’ll try to get you interested in my full sales promotion program. But, if you try some of these events and they work … you may be enticed to look further into what we can do for you. That’s why you get this for FREE. CLICK HERE

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