Selling a retail store takes time. How do you know which type of liquidation sale is right for you? Bulk sale, auction, selling as a going concern. What if we told you a sale to consumers is the best way to exit the retail industry?

A Store Closing Sale to consumers produces the highest cash return, the results are predictable, and it can be accomplished in a short period of time, usually less than 60 days. A Store Closing Sale will normally produce a higher return than any competing method of selling the inventory and other assets of a retail store, including its sale as a going business.

The major asset of most retail businesses is inventory. Because of the wide range between wholesale and retail prices, a retail business is unique in the fact that it can be sold in a sale to consumers for much more than can generally be obtained in any other way.

Most methods of selling stores or the inventory and assets of a store, involves a sale in the wholesale market to other businesses. A buyer who intends to operate a retail store, or resell the inventory purchased, has the ability to purchase new inventory at cost. That buyer will not pay wholesale prices for inventory that has been on the sales floor. In fact, negotiations with a buyer in the wholesale market normally start at half of regular wholesale prices for the best merchandise, and go down from there.

Retailers are in the business of operating stores. The process of closing a store adds a new and very different management burden. Ensuring success requires careful planning, close monitoring of sales, margins, and expenses, and aggressive execution of a well-designed sale plan.
Experience with hundreds of store closings in every retail category has provided G.A. Wright the knowledge and experience to know:

1. How to line up a crowd of excited customers waiting for the sale opening.
2. Why a good image, quality merchandise, and loyal customers will mean the best total return from a Store Closing Sale.
3. How to answer all of the questions customers will ask in a way that will increase sales while building your image in the community.
4. How to create a buying frenzy in the store, which causes customers to buy now rather than wait or check prices elsewhere.

A Store Closing Sale, supported by G.A. Wright, can help you achieve the following objectives:

• Close a store quickly and efficiently.

• Obtain the highest cash return.

• Sell inventory, fixtures, and equipment.

• Collect accounts receivable.

• Eliminate the risk of financing a business sale.

• Maintain good relations with customers, employees, suppliers, landlords, government agencies, bankers and the local community.

• Maintain a positive business image.
Retail liquidation Programs

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