Many of our clients will tell you how skeptical they were going into a Going Out of Business Sale using a professional liquidation company. G.A. Wright Sales Inc. works with retail business owners and their employees to create a safe and professional selling environment allowing retailers to Exit the Retail Industry with dignity. We give retailers the time and ease of being able to concentrate on saying good-bye to their customers and their community. Use of a G.A. Wright consultant will produce a maximum return at minimum expense, reducing potential losses from excessive markdowns, ineffective advertising, excessive expenses, or a loss of momentum. The retail consultant brings three essential elements to the implementation of the G.A. Wright Program in a client’s store. These are a tailored marketing plan, experience and management expertise. Consultants are very carefully selected for their retail experience and ability. They come from a broad cross section of both general and specialty retail backgrounds. They are screened and are referred based upon their unique expertise, retail experience and the needs of our client. Then their performance is carefully monitored though reports from our clients to insure that they are producing high-impact sales results. Only those with a consistent record of successful sales and happy clients who have testified to their superior performance continue to be referred. If you need a reason Why Retailers Should Hire a Liquidation Company please read the reference letter from a recent client after their 2nd sale with G.A Wright.

Review for G.A Wright Sales Inc Store Closing Programs

Review for G.A Wright Sales Inc Store Closing Programs

This letter Reads: “It’s still hard to believe that after 42 years in business that the owner has decided to retire and leave the business to me. This decision came with a lot of serious thought and considerations. One of the main concerns was who to trust with such a major responsibility as a retirement/inventory reduction sale. Twelve years ago we had an anniversary sale with GA Wright that was very successful. So needless to say our minds were already made up.

We all know that the stagnate economy has forced many people into selling their gold and silver jewelry, and their coins and bullion. Our store image went from a well known coin and jewelry store to a pawn shop. Our inventory had tripled but our jewelry sales had almost diminished.

G.A Wright consultants planned an amazing sales strategy during Christmas of 2013. This helped to optimize our sales during a time that people were almost guaranteed to spend money. This Christmas was more like the “Good Ole Days” when people used to patronize the locally owned businesses. Our sale volume nearly tripled and the stores’ traffic was beyond our imagination.

The last 5 years we had lost our original customer base. This sale has enabled us to have an up-to-date customer list which can be used for future mailings for special events and sales.

G.A Wright and their consultants are very professional and they care about the image of the store and its’ owners. This has been a very positive experience and I would recommend G.A Wright to any of my colleagues.”

G.A Wright Client Tracy Steverson Coin & Bullion Reserves

Store Closing Information Packet

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