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How to Conduct a High Impact Sale

A Detailed Plan
A four-day high-impact sales event takes a great deal of planning and coordination. Success depends on all elements of the sale being well-integrated, and precisely executed. Everything must work together.

Advertising must be timely and powerful in order to get customers lined up at the door. And that’s just the beginning. You must also get those customers into the store, get them browsing the merchandise, put products in their hands, and ring up the sales on the register. Advertising, merchandising, pricing, signage, sales assistance, and checkout procedures must all work together flawlessly to generate an exceptional volume of sales.

This guide provides a plan that produces exceptional results for retailers who execute it
completely and correctly.


If you do not implement the sale according to the plan I have outlined, it will not produce the results you expect. One of the reasons our full program with an on-site consultant works so well, is that an experienced professional who knows how to make the program work, is on hand to ensure every step of a complicated campaign is implemented correctly.

Our regular program calls for a campaign that lasts as long as eight weeks and generates sales volumes that reach two to three times normal sales over thateight-week period of time.

“We know that we could have done most of these things ourselves. But it was all the facets of the program being tied together and done thoroughly that made the promotion so successful. Besides, we were so busy with sales we would never have had the time to follow through the way our consultants did. We were amazed a promotion could run so long.” G.A. Wright Client–Gayle Chinn

The sale plan described here calls for four selling days. It starts on a Wednesday, with a
pre-showing for preferred and local customers. The pre-showing is advertised with direct mail. On Thursday, the sale opens to the general public and is advertised in the newspaper or with other mass media. One of the secrets of attracting door-buster crowds is creating curiosity by closing the store for one day during the preparation period. So Tuesday, before the Wednesday pre-showing, the store should be closed. Signs are placed in the windows announcing the date and time of the sale opening.

The first day’s revenue will more than make up for any sales lost by closing for a day. The pre-showing is an opportunity to reward your best customers. If you have a significantly large preferred-customer mailing list, you may want to mail only to that list. However, in most cases, it makes sense to supplement your preferred-customer list with a local residential list.

You want to be able to advertise that everything in the store is on sale. It’s important to offer all merchandise at prices slightly below market. It isn’t necessary to discount significantly. The objective is to lower margin while increasing the rate of sales enough that total gross margin dollars actually increase.

Detailed guidance concerning the implementation of each aspect of this sale program is
provided in the following pages. I recommend a four to five week planning period prior to opening day. This is generally a sufficient amount of time to obtain all the necessary materials and to produce and place all the advertising.

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