New video showing Tack Supply Store Closing Sale in progress! CLICK HERE for G.A Wright Retail Store Closing information

See how Kathy Capser, owner at Whinnies & Knickers Tack Supply in New Burgh NY successfully liquidated her retail store using a Retail Store Liquidation Company.
With the help of G.A Wright Kathy was able to sell her inventory, fixtures and other assets in a closing sale to consumers. She was able to pay off loans and personal debts as she heads into a comfortable retirement from the Retail Industry.

You can sell the inventory and other assets of your store quickly, safely and for more than can be obtained any other way using the techniques provided by G.A. Wright.

Fill out form below to receive detailed information about competing methods of selling stores, marketing support for store closings, selling fixtures and equipment, case histories and reference letters from our clients, and a DVD showing other sales underway with owners talking about their stores. There’s no cost or obligation.

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