Dear Retailers,

This week I decided not to write a traditional blog post. We have a new DVD with videos showing Retail Store Closing Sales In Progress and I want to make sure you get yours before we run out.

You may have seen or read about the crowds of customers and giant sales obtained from a G.A. Wright Store Closing Sale. But, like many people, you probably thought you could never do that kind of business in your store, with your inventory.

Lines of Customers at Recent G.A .Wright Sale for Hallmark

Lines of Customers at Recent G.A .Wright Sale for Hallmark



Now, on my FREE DVD you can see for yourself that before we came in, these were ordinary stores. And, the techniques that produced truly amazing sales, selling the entire inventory and all other assets of these stores, can do the same for you!


This DVD is proof positive that a G.A. Wright Store Closing Sale can sell all of the inventory and other assets of a store fast, safely, and for more money than can be obtained in any other way. Even more than selling the store as a profitable business.

See for yourself…

  • How my Store Closing Sale produces crowds of eager customers waiting for a store to open. They’re ready to buy anything that’s not nailed down.
  • How we harness crowd psychology to create a super-charged buying frenzy. You’ll see merchandise practically fly off the shelf into the hands of eager customers often producing more than a month’s normal volume in a single day.
  • How every last piece of merchandise can be sold until a store is sold out to the bare walls.
  • Why these techniques resulted in more sales and more cash in the pockets of owners than they could have obtained in any other way to include selling their stores as going businesses.

Meet my clients in their stores with sales in progress and see…

  • What they have to say about the results achieved in their stores.
  • How their stores looked before, during, and after their Store Closing Sales.
  • What their customers and employees thought about the sale.

Then go behind the scenes and see how the magic is done…

  • See what’s in the 10 step marketing plan used to design the Store Closing Sale.
  • The scientific methods we use to pinpoint the customers who will buy everything in your store.
  • Our copyrighted programs and materials that build a sense of urgency so customers buy now…no waiting or checking prices elsewhere.
  • Review the 11 tasks that should be accomplished before a sale can begin.
  • Uncover the secrets that pay huge dividends and make sure you sell out to the last piece.

You get all the details in the portfolio of information I’ll send with the DVD…

  • The best way to sell a store.
  • Why advance planning is so important.
  • How to obtain the highest cash return.
  • The support capabilities you’ll need.

You’ll get case histories showing how these methods worked for other retailers. I’ll send written information about the actual results of sales so you can see what returns are possible from starting inventory levels. And, I’ll send letters with all the details from satisfied clients. I want to make sure you completely understand the store closing process so you can make a good decision about what to do with your store now or at some time in the future. If I have your email address I’ll start sending the latest videos of sales in progress by email link.

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