When considering a Retail Sales Strategy Post Holiday, many retailers only allow for the liquidation of items that didn’t sell during the Christmas buying frenzy.  This typically involves having a store employee create a cozy corner in the front of the store just near the entrance, still decorated with remnants of garland and holiday ornaments and a large white sign atop the fixture with red stanza that reads; 50% off Holiday Items. Then, conduct business as usual and wonder why this low priced merchandise isn’t moving. Of course in a week it’s marked to 75% off  followed by the over used Final Clearance plus add’l 10% off full priced item. Still, this merchandise doesn’t move and customer traffic is at an annual low. Not a great way to start off a new year. What many retailers don’t do at this very opportune time, is continue the holiday excitement for shoppers into January & February.  There are specific ways to do this that will result in positive cash flow and customers buying at prices that are not destroying the profit margin.

Here’s one way to keep customer attention.

Put the items on sale that people want right now! Then….Do Something Out of the Ordinary!
The sky’s the limit here. Anything you can do that is different than the norm will attract attention. You want  to do something that will make people turn their heads and take notice. Creativity and good taste are your only guidelines.

It is the traffic and having the right product at the right price that will precipitate the sale. So anything you do that attracts attention to the store and results in customer traffic is very likely to produce sales.

  • Put everything on sale!
  • Move items people want to the back of the store.
  • Sponsor a VIP showing — art, antiques, cars, collectibles, etc.
  • Do a charity bake sale.
  • Conduct a moonlight madness sale.
  • Do trunk showings.
  • Have demonstrations in the store.
  • Live music.

Imagination is the key to success and the more out of the ordinary you can get the better it usually works.

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