G.A. Wright Gives You a Retail Guide to Summer Sales to Boost Profit & Success

This FREE Retail Guide to Summer Sales will show you step-by-step what you can do to produce more sales for your store in a short period of time than you’ve ever thought possible. You’ll learn all the secrets … what to do, and when to do it. Obtain powerful techniques that will help you:

• Create an Explosive Event
• Attract Crowds of Customers
• Spike Your Sales Volume
• Produce Hot Merchandising
• Bring Competitors to Their Knees
• Unload Old Inventory
• Generate Quick Cash
• Increase Your Customer Base
• Create Excitement for Customers and Employees


Included are all the crucial steps in the process of planning a Huge Summer High Impact Sale. The things you can’t leave out. You’ll be able to conduct high impact sales events that generate amazing results.

“The opening day of my sale was amazing. There were hundreds of people waiting for me to open the doors, and the customers kept shopping all day. The line in front of the checkouts was over one hundred deep for hours. As night approached, we had no choice but to lock the front doors, as my employees were exhausted. Where had all these customers been hiding for the last two years?” G.A. Wright Client – Steve Janak

“Our total sales for the first four days equaled that of a normal month.”
G.A. Wright Client – Wayne Nichols

“By concentrating traffic on specific days and/or times, I saw how the theory of creating a buying frenzy was very effective in developing that sense of urgency with my customers.” G.A. Wright Client – Stacy Connart

Sales results like these are not unusual. As a matter of fact, we have hundreds of letters from satisfied clients on file and I’d be happy to send you some. We probably have one from a retailer in your specialty, since we’ve done sales for just about every kind of retailer – books, boats, jewelry, toys, furniture, sports, hardware, shoes, pharmacies, and clothing of all sorts. You name it, we’ve sold it. We’ve done sales in big cities and small rural areas, for small independents and for national chains, and we’ve worked for retailers in 7 countries.

You can receive this FREE Guide to review in the privacy of your home if you send me your email address. There is absolutely no cost or obligation for receiving this material. Your email will be kept confidential. CLICK HERE OR CALL 303-333-4453 to Order.

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