Stage one of closing your retail store can be tough. The process of quitting business can be stressful for you and your employees. And right now it’s more of an emotional tug-of-war than it is a positive step toward your next adventure in life. You’ve put in so much time, money, and heart ache that you just aren’t ready to close your business… Oh but if you just had one more day of big sales you might be able to hang on another month or wait until after you sell all your inventory in your prime selling season right? CLICK HERE for brochure about the Best Time to Close a Retail Store

Typically retailers who consider a store closing want to wait until AFTER their best selling season. But most retail store owners don’t realize that DURING their prime selling season is the best time to close a retail store. And it doesn’t have to be stressful, it can actually be fun! SEE VIDEO

During your high selling season it is easier to get customers into the store, so advertising expenses can be lower. Normally, there is less price competition since all competitors depend on their best season to sell at regular prices and get as much margin as they can. And, the demand exists to sell all of the merchandise in most stores. There isn’t a risk of having sales stall and being left with excess stock. For most retailers (but not all) the best selling season is 4th Quarter.

So, once you decide on YOUR time period, the next step should be to call a Professional Retail Consultant to conduct your Store Closing Program. Use of a consultant will produce a maximum return at minimum expense, reducing potential losses from excessive markdowns, ineffective advertising, excessive expenses, or a loss of momentum. The consultant brings three essential elements to the implementation of the G.A. Wright Program in a client’s store. These are a tailored marketing plan, experience and management expertise.

The sales consultant will implement a marketing plan, which is tailored to the specific characteristics of the retail client. The plan will normally address the following issues:

Point-of-Purchase Promotion
Frequent Shopper Incentives
Employee Training
Public Relations

The reason for the consistent success of the G.A. Wright approach is management. The sales consultant becomes involved in every aspect of a business that affects its ability to produce sales.

“Even though we started before Christmas to take advantage of the natural Christmas buying trend, we also have weather to contend with in North Dakota. But nothing seemed to stop the customers from coming in … We sold out 3 days before the scheduled end of the sale.” G.A. Wright Client — Kevin Blackwood

“As we come to the close of the event, we are extremely pleased with the outcome – we far surpassed all of our goals. We sold our inventory, maintained our margins, and sold our fixtures and equipment. … We know that partnering with G.A. Wright and embracing your process was a very wise business decision.” G.A. Wright Clients — Jennifer and Jeff Esping

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