How to Have Retail Sales Closing Store Sale

Going out of business can be an exciting time. It is a time to move forward with life and on to the next adventure. But, it can also be a stressful time with so much to do, and things to understand. Whether you have been in the retail clothing business for five or 25 years, you have accumulated inventory, display cases, furniture, and business equipment. Call upon experts in the field to help you through your retail clothing store closing sale.

Preparing for a Closing Sale

It takes a bit of time to plan out a closing sale for any type of business. In the end, you are going to want deals that your customers won’t be able to pass up.

Some planning ideas may include:

  • Promotions leading up to the big event
  • Window displays and signage
  • Local advertising
  • Social media advertising
  • When and how much to markdown items
  • Outdoor displays or tent sale

If you have been in business within your community, no doubt you have been involved in the local chamber of commerce and other local events. You will be able to leverage those affiliations, as well.

Get Professional Help

While you have learned how to manage your business, a closing sale is a whole different ballgame. The professionals at G.A. Wright can help you from planning through the end. We have done it all, and many of our team are very experienced with the clothing business. Let us help you.

When you call upon us, a member of our team will come out and meet with you to see what you have and ascertain what you hope to leverage out of your sale. You will not only want to closeout your clothing inventory but your business assets as well. We can help with all of that.

When you partner with G.A. Wright, our professional representative will go over your entire inventory of clothing, accessories, and furnishings. We will work with you to get the business down to the bare walls. We’ll enlist your business contacts and some of ours in order to make your closing productive and profitable.

We have years of experience in planning, marketing, and conducting successful retail store closing sales. We know how to keep customers happy while enlisting them to return time and again during the life of the sale. After all, they won’t want to miss the bargain they have been waiting for.

Give G.A. Wright a call, or fill out our communication form and let’s talk about we can help you. We offer a free consultation, and we will help you make the most of your going-out-of-business sale.

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Boost Foot Traffic

Remember when you used to go into a clothing store and a salesperson would help you find the type of clothing you were looking for, in your size, and hang items in a dressing room for you to try on? Is the need for customer service gone? Well, not completely.

Internet shoppers will order items online only to find out the size is incorrect, and they need to send it back for a different size. Well, that takes time! As a retail store owner, you need to remind customers of the ease of shopping in-store, and the benefits. But, you do need the internet to help you do that.

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Regulation of Retail Sales PromotionRetail sales promotion is generally regulated at the state and local level. Regulation is focused on consumer protection and truth in advertising. Regulations governing retail sales promotion vary by state, county and city. All of these venues across the United States have their own laws, regulations and ordinances. Retailers must understand the various regulations that apply in their jurisdiction. The following is intended as a guideline. It does not attempt to detail all of the laws, regulations and ordinances that might apply in any specific venue. It is recommended that retailers wanting to promote their businesses check with an attorney concerning applicable law.

It is worth noting that a major high impact sale that results in a big increase in traffic and sales volume will hurt competitive businesses. These are likely sources of complaints to regulatory authorities. If other retailers are losing sales they become very interested in finding out if the successful promoter is doing something illegal. So, it is reasonable to assume an increased level of scrutiny will take place.

There are two general types of sales promotion events. These include sales for ongoing businesses and sales for retailers wishing to close their businesses.

A very good guideline for advertising all types of sales promotion is The Better Bureau Code of Advertising. Retailers who comply with these guidelines will be safe in most cases.

When a retailer advertises a sale using media, signs and tags, or just word of mouth the communication of a sale implies that merchandise is discounted from a regular price. The concept of regular price is therefore very important to the advertised message. Most of us can probably think of a retailer we suspect of raising regular retail prices for the purpose of subsequent markdowns. This practice will invite customer complaints and legal scrutiny.

Justifying Item Mark DownsGovernment Regulation of Retail Sales

Retailers must be prepared to justify the “regular retail price” of any item they mark down. If an item is normally sold at a given marked price this will certainly establish that price as “regular retail.” If the item has never been sold at the marked price but has been offered for sale at that price for a substantial period, usually at least 30 days, then there is a good argument that it is the “regular price.” If it hasn’t been sold at the marked price or been offered for sale for a substantial period, the retail price can be justified by a consistent and verifiable pricing policy. If, for example, every category of merchandise in a store is marked at keystone, yielding a 50% gross margin at retail, then it is reasonable that this price can be justified as “regular retail.” Having said the above, every jurisdiction is different, and these rules may not always apply.

Bait and Switch

Bait and switch is another area of concern. When a popular item is advertised at a discount, customer traffic will pick up. If consumers come to the store, find the advertised item sold out and are then offered a similar item, usually of lesser quality or higher price, the retailer may be accused of a bait and switch scam. The best way to avoid this is having enough of the advertised item in stock to satisfy anticipated demand.

Contents and Sweepstakes

Contests and sweepstakes are often used by retailers to attract traffic to a store. Regulators will often look at these promotions to see if gambling laws have been violated. Gambling involves three elements. The first is consideration or a payment. Second is an element of chance. Third is a prize. So, if a customer pays some amount to take a chance in hopes of winning a price that is gambling and most states have laws that prohibit or regulate these games. If any one of these three elements is eliminated then the game is not gambling. If a retailer has a drawing for a prize but does not charge for the drawing it’s not gambling. If there is a charge to play a game of skill to win a prize that also is not gambling.

There is great room for interpretation of the elements of gambling. In some jurisdictions, if a retailer advertises a free drawing but the consumer must expend energy/gasoline getting to the store, that expenditure is consideration and the drawing is considered gambling. Games of skill can also look as if some chance is involved. Retailers must look carefully at any contest or sweepstakes they employ to be sure it doesn’t violate gaming laws.

There are some states where trading stamps are not legal. The transfer of any piece of paper that confers a benefit or can be exchanged for something of value may be considered a trading stamp and therefore is not legal in these states.

The type of retail sales promotion that attracts the most attention and the greatest degree of regulation is the store closing sale. In many, but no all areas, there is a licensing requirement to conduct a store closing sale. This is a result of some retailers conducting perpetual store closing sales and never going out of business.

License Required

When there is a license required it is usually accompanied by the requirement to go out of business within a specified period. This is usually 60 days, but it can often be extended. Inventory can usually not be added during the sale and sometimes it can’t be added in anticipation of a sale. There is often a requirement to provide an inventory prior to the sale beginning and auditors will check to ensure no inventory is added during the sale.

The licensing requirement also typically mandates that the license number be published in all advertising.

Words in the title of a sale will trigger the requirement for a license. Store closing, quitting business or going out of business are obvious. However, in some areas other words might trigger a license requirement like fire sale, or overstock liquidation sale.

In some areas a chain store that has multiple locations must also close any stores in an adjoining county if they wish to run a store closing sale.

Landlords don’t like store closing sales in their shopping centers because potential renters may see it as a failure of the center. Lease restrictions often include a prohibition against store closing sales or any signage that can be interpreted as indicating the store is closing.

Sign restrictions can cause problems and may be covered by local ordinance or be restricted by a lease agreement. Advertising distribution methods are also frequently regulated.

Because of the magnitude of a store closing sale there is an increase level of scrutiny by regulators, competitors, landlords, media and consumers. It is therefore especially important to know all regulations, laws and ordinances that may apply.

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Is Retail DeadDespite recent reports by CBS News that retailers have closed 7,000 stores in the first half of 2019 and are projected to close 12,000 stores by year-end, the death of retailing is greatly exaggerated.

There is no more powerful selling environment than the retail store. It is the only place a salesperson can interact with a customer using all 5 senses: seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and feeling. This can’t be done on a computer screen.

Like politics, all retailing is local. The retail store is a social venue where people meet and interact. The best retailers see themselves more as entertainers and less as distributors of products. They attract customers by making their stores an exciting and entertaining place to be.

Large chain retailers have spent years consolidating the roles of purchasing and distribution of products to individual stores. They manage the business with data. Expenses have been reduced by paying store managers less and relying more on centralized management. The problem here is the lack of personal contact with customers and understanding of what the local customer wants. Most reported store closings are from large retail chains.

Key to Small Retail Survival

Studies have revealed the keys to small retail survival and prosperity are the sale of very high-quality products, an extraordinary level of service and selling to a narrowly defined market niche. Successful small retailers know their customers very well and they know how to buy for these customers. They often stock a level of quality merchandise that exceeds that found in local chain stores and they provide personal service.


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When it is time to close a retail business, owners shouldn’t take it upon themselves to do it alone. There are all sorts of reasons for closing – a retirement, wanting to take a step in a different direction, or simply that the economy is not working in that business’s favor.

Sure, you could try to sell it as a whole, or have your own going-out-of-business sale with leftover inventory and far less earning potential that could be obtained. Wouldn’t it be better to just call in the professionals?

Using a Professional Frees Up Your Time

GA Wright is a liquidation consultation company. We specialize in helping our retail business customers with closing out their businesses such as a hardware store liquidation. This allows you, the store owner, and your staff to spend time focusing on your customers, old and new.

We’ve heard it time and time again from those we have worked with. Although they are closing out, they want to retain their good relationship with their customers until the very end. Because we handle the behind-the-scenes work, you can be upfront and personal with your customers.

Alleviating Potential Stress

Owning and operating a business can be stressful, so is the complexity of having a hardware store liquidation. We’ll alleviate that stress for you. GA Wright will go through the inventory, and we’ll create a plan for every item in stock from nails to lawn equipment. Your store will remain clean and uncluttered while offering discounts for your customers and protecting your bottom line.

Maximizing Your Profits

Sound good? It is and we can help maximize your profits. When called upon, an experienced GA Wright consultant will come out and meet with you. We’ll let you know up front how our program works, why it works, and what you can expect. We’ll organize the liquidation plan along with advertising. You’ll know just what we anticipate the total closeout will be, and our fees before we start.

When we agree when to get started, we’ll move forward with a consultant on the ground for you at your location throughout the closing sale. Together we’ll keep your inventory moving and your income coming.

When you are ready to close your business, call upon GA Wright, a hardware store liquidation company. Well, we’re not just in hardware, we have expertise and experience in all retail business types. We travel and work all around the U.S., Canada, and beyond. Contact us through our submission form, and we’ll get right back to you!

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 Dear Retailer,

This FREE Guide will show you step-by-step what you can do to produce more sales  for your store in a short period of time than you’ve ever thought possible.

*For Retail Business Owners Only

*For Retail Business Owners Only

You’ll learn all the secrets … what to do, and when to do it. Obtain powerful techniques that will help you:

    • Attract Crowds of Customers
    • Spike Your Sales Volume
    • Create a Buying Frenzy
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4ds guide

How can a sale of any type do this much for your store? Before I go into any more detail on just how our sales work, you need to hear from some other retailers, with stores like yours, who were just as skeptical as you are, before they saw the results.

“Never before have we had lines of customers waiting to get into our store! This did not just happen on the first day of the sale but multiple times throughout the event.”~G.A. Wright Client – Linda Bohannon

“By concentrating traffic on specific days and/or times, I saw how the theory of creating a buying frenzy was very effective in developing that sense of urgency with my customers.”~G.A. Wright Client – Stacy Connart

“I was both amazed and astonished at the results of the sale and the positive impact it had on our customers, old, current and new as well as our surrounding community.”~G.A. Wright Client – Joseph Murray

Sales results like these are not unusual. As a matter of fact, we have hundreds of letters from satisfied clients on file and I’d be happy to send you some. We probably have one from a retailer in your specialty, since we’ve done sales for just about every kind of retailer – books, boats, jewelry, toys, furniture, sports, hardware, shoes, pharmacies, clothing of all sorts. You name it, we’ve sold it.

So, what’s in this Planning Guide to Huge Sales?

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 Included are all the crucial steps in the process of planning a 4 Day High Impact Sale. The things you can’t leave out. You’ll be able to conduct high impact sales events that generate amazing results just by following this easy to understand guide.

You’ll find out:

  • How to plan a killer sales event
  • What to do weeks before the sale begins
  • The best day to start
  • The secret of attracting crowds
  • The best advertising and how to use it
  • About door buster incentives
  • A technique that always works to boost sales
  • Hot merchandising tips
  • How to create high voltage excitement
  • How to use powerful signage
  • What to do to wrap it all up successfully
  • How to sustain the volume increases for weeks and months to come

   I am willing to take a chance based on my assumption that, when you see how powerful this program can really be, you will want us to work with you more closely on future sales promotion campaigns. But, I’m limiting my obligation to supply this material to those retailers who respond within the next 10 days. So, to be sure you receive this FREE Guide, call or CLICK to GET STARTED

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Opening a jewelry store is a bright and exciting time. Closing one, well, not so much. But it could be!

Let’s face it, no one plans on going out of business, but everyone, at some point, does. Whether it is time to retire, the economy has gone bad, or it’s just time to move on to something else, it is time for your jewelry store liquidation sale.

You’ll Need Help

Just because you have been in the jewelry business for years, doesn’t mean you know how to liquidate your store. Sure, you know your customers and have had some sales perhaps around the holidays, but a closeout is a whole different ball of wax.

This is what GA Wright does best. While each of our team members has years of experience in the retail world, they’ve also gleaned the expertise needed for inventory reductions and liquidations. That’s what we do and have been doing for years. We also have specific experience in the jewelry field.

Our liquidation process maximizes the owner’s profit line and return. Our jewelry store closeouts feature high impact sale promotional events combining several key components. Our consultant will take the time to learn your inventory line by line, and will also conduct a marketing analysis specialized to your area. We assist with direct marketing coupled with online and more traditional advertising offering sales promotions and events.

GA Wright Offers the Best Results in Jewelry Liquidations

Your GA Wright jewelry liquidation consultant stays with you every step of the way. You can expect the line of customers waiting to get into your store to start early on the opening day of your liquidation sale. Our process motivates buyers. You’ll see your regulars, old customers you may have forgotten, and many new ones. And, we’ll bring them back in time and time again with repeat visits throughout the life of your liquidation sale.

Why? Because while some of the “bargains” keep getting better, they will also remember something that caught their eye and should have paid more attention to the last time they were there. They’ll return quickly in hopes they get there before something is gone, for good!

G.A. Wright integrates top advertising design with promotional advertising, as well as point-of-sale materials. We may even offer a frequent shopper program. We’ll help with merchandising, store operations, and sales. We’ll discuss everything we wish to do with you every step of the way.

When to Liquidate?

Springtime is a great time for liquidation. It’s a time of year most people are home and not traveling, and there’s something about coming out of the winter doldrums when blossoms abound that inspires and allows for jewelry shopping. Sure, Valentine’s Day is over, but Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are coming.

Being in the jewelry store business, you have come to know most people shop for jewelry for other people, but springtime is the one time most people allow themselves the pleasure of accessorizing their own wardrobe as well.

The Liquidation Itself

With GA Wright’s help, our clients have told us they saw more people walk through the door on the first day of the sale then they sometimes have seen in a month. Sales during the first day, week, or month generally equal longer timeframes even during the holiday season. There’s a reason GA Wright’s clients recommend us to others for inventory reduction sales, retirement sales, and liquidation sales. We are good at what we do, and we aren’t ashamed to promote it.

If you are thinking of liquidating your jewelry store, or any other type of retail store, contact GA Wright. We’ll discuss your needs and match up one of our top-notch consultants with you. You’ll be under no obligation, but we think you’ll want our help. GA Wright operates out of Denver, but our consultants travel throughout the U.S. and Canada. We’ll even travel to other countries depending upon a client’s needs and our ability to help. Fill out our submission form and let us get you started on the right track for your liquidation.

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G.A. Wright Sales, Inc. recently helped the owner of a Hardware Store Liquidate his inventory and other assets in an exciting and fun quitting business sale. Yes, it can be done! Hardware stores often have such a large amount of inventory to move, that a quitting business sale can seem overwhelming. Hiring a professional retail liquidation company like G.A. Wright will help ease some of the stress of planning a going out of business sale. Some retailers have experienced a sense of fun and have enjoyed spending time with their loyal customers and staff during the final days. This video shows the owner Alan Meyer talking about why he hired G.A. Wright, what the experience was like for him and his staff and results they achieved.

You can sell the inventory and other assets of your store quickly, safely and for more than can be obtained any other way by using the techniques provided by G.A. Wright.

Please Watch this video of Mickey’s True Value Hardware.

Give us a call at 303-333-4453 to receive information on how we can help you with your retail store.
Or CLICK HERE to order a Complimentary packet of information about our programs.

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“She didn’t believe my sales promotion program would work!”

G.A Wright Sales Free Report for Retailers on Sales Events

G.A Wright Sales Free Report for Retailers on Sales Events

CLICK HERE to get this FREE Report

Bobbi Orris became a Retail Sales Promotion Consultant 25 years ago. She’s been doing work for our clients ever since. Last year she told me a story you might like.

Bobbi went through our new consultant orientation in 1993. She was convinced my program wouldn’t work. But, she needed a job and we offered her one. So … she worked for a dance store … then a bridal store… then a department store … then on and on. She was bringing in big crowds of shoppers and huge sales for our client’s stores. … Even she was amazed! Problem was … she still didn’t know why it worked! Then one day she was in Mall of America looking down on the amusement park … watching crowds of customers in stores. All of a sudden it dawned on her. We attracted shoppers because we made shopping fun … fun for customers, fun for employees and fun for store owners. Didn’t make any difference whether we were doing a grand opening, stock reduction or a store closing. It was always fun. The shoppers came in droves and the stores minted money.

Once she figured out why it worked, she really got excited. Started creating her own Special Events.
More stuff to make it fun for shoppers. She became our Queen of Special Events. No! … You can’t have her in your store. She’s too busy with our clients.

But, you can have some of her Special Events for FREE! I’ve chosen a NEW and Expanded List of the best and I’ll send them to you with all the directions you need to make them work in your store.

Call 303-333-4453

I’ll send you these NEW Special Events with all the details. No reason you can’t use these Special Events in your store. I provide a complete description and the
steps you can take to make these events work for you.

So, give us a call and we’ll send you this valuable compilation of traffic and sales generators. Of course, we’ll try to get you interested in my full sales promotion program. But, if you try some of these events and they work … you may be enticed to look further into what we can do for you. That’s why you get this for FREE. CLICK HERE

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We’ve had an exciting sale going on at B Fine Art Jewelry in Mississippi. The Owner, Betsey Liles, was gracious enough to put her thoughts about the sale on camera for us to share with other retailers. Here is her video. Please contact our office at 303-333-4453 to receive information about our retail store promotion programs.

Get more info on our website at

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