double edge sword of customer reviewsAs a business owner or manager, you may not think of online reviews of your business as being important. They are! Whether on your own website, Facebook page or various business sites such as Yelp, Google Reviews, or TripAdvisor, customer impact reviews attract new customers. Studies show more and more people are enlisting reviews in their decision-making from where to go for a haircut, or what restaurant to try, to what clothing boutique has good customer service.

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store closing considerations

Upon opening a new business, no one is considering under what conditions they may want to close that business. But, there comes a time everyone must make that decision. Whether you have been in business for only a few years, or for decades, times change, and there is nothing wrong with considering closing. Whether business has been good, or not particularly, the decision to close does not come easily. That’s something GA Wright understands.

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Music Shop Store Closing

There comes a time when every retail shop owner must decide how to close-up shop. Unfortunately today, many family-owned music store owners are finding themselves faced with this question. It is a fine-tuned audience, and there are challenges to music shop closing sales unlike other types of stores. But, with the aid of G.A. Wright, there are ways to entice those musically-inclined patrons to help move your inventory.

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How to Liquidate a T-Shirt ShopOwning a t-shirt retail shop can be fun. Carrying funny t-shirts, or tourist destinations printed on shirts and hats can be fast money. However, carrying this type of inventory is time-sensitive whether it is the latest viral quote or a short tourist season. If you find you have excessive inventory and ready to move on to something else and close your store, you ought to seek out expert help to get the most out of liquidating a t-shirt retail shop.

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How to Liquidate a Health & Nutrition StoreThe health and nutrition store business has seen a big boom in the past decade or two. People are more health conscious and are seeking vitamins, supplements, and other things to aid them toward that goal.

While rising with that upward trend, you may still find, for a variety of reasons, that now is a good time for you to go out of business. Whether it is time to retire, you want more free time, or simply want to try working in another field, there’s nothing wrong that. And while you have become an expert in nutrition, you will want an expert to help you through your health store liquidation.

How a Liquidation Works

Rather than trying to sell the store as a whole, or piecemealing out products, the team from G.A. Wright will help you prepare and conduct an exit strategy designed for you. We are experts in marketing strategies and will help prepare for and conduct high promotion sales to help move your inventory. We know timing is a factor, as with many vitamins and nutritional supplements expiration dates apply, and we won’t waste any.

G.A. Wright has spent years perfecting exit strategies for all types of retail business. Members from our team have seen it all including nutrition store closings, and similar concepts. When you reach out to us, we’ll pair you with a team member who has experience in your retail field, and has conducted numerous liquidations following the G.A. Wright strategy.

When You Call G.A. Wright

A call it will set your liquidation consulting in motion. Once we understand your business and your location, we’ll send out a representative to check out your store and develop an overall plan for the store closing. If you are happy with that plan, we will move forward.
Your consultant will be with you every step of the way, from preparing the store for its liquidation, marketing the sales, and moving your product. Count on a large first day of the sale! Our clients continually remark on the attention we have drawn to their stores, and the remarkable income reflected on their books.

The sale is more than that first day! We recognize that a liquidation sale can take a few weeks, and you should too. Your products will move down to the bare bones, and if you want the fixtures sold as well, we’ll take care of that, too.

If it’s time for you to move on from your health business, and you want to get the most out of your closing liquidation, G.A. Wright has the experience and expertise to help see you through it. Give us a call, or contact us through our email form, and one of us will get back to you right away.

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Electronic Retail Store Closing Liquidation ConsultantsIf you have been in the electronics business for any length of time, you have seen steady development in the field with a demand for the newest edition of any type of products. From televisions to cameras, cell phones to drones, it is an ever-changing marketplace to keep up with.

For some small business owners, it has brought about a time to consider closing. If you are one of those, G.A. Wright would like to help you obtain the most from your business through our electronic retail liquidation consulting business.

A Liquidation is No Regular Sale

You may have considered holding a liquidation sale for your electronic retail store yourself. Stop! Our experienced liquidation consultants have years of retail experience and worked with individuals just like you to make the most of your liquidation while moving product off of the shelf.

G.A. Wright’s consultants are experts in marketing strategies. We can help you develop a plan to move inventory, painlessly, through high promotion and advertising. Trained and experienced staff will help guide you through each step of the process. We’ll go over your inventory, line by line, and help you make the most out of it.

Can You, Should You, Do It Alone?

Sure, you could try it on your own. But why would you want to? View some of the testimonials from small business owners who utilized G.A. Wright’s assistance with their liquidations. We take the strain off of you while bringing in the best pricing for your product, amounting to a better wrap up of your store than you probably could anticipate.
When you contact G.A. Wright we will match you with the associate that best fits your needs. He or she will offer you an onsite consultation, evaluating your situation and inventory, and sharing just how our exit strategy works. Then, when you hire our consultant, we will roll up our sleeves and get to work to strategize marketing, set up advertising, and by helping you plan for the opening day of your electronic retail liquidation.

When you realize you need help with closing your electronic store, give the experts at G.A. Wright a call. We travel anywhere within the U.S. and have been known to go beyond to help with liquidation closing sales in any type of retail store.

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Kitchen Store Closing SaleMaking the decision to close up shop is a difficult one, for any reason. You got into the retail kitchen business, no doubt because you enjoy cooking and the pots and pans, knives and graters, colanders, baking supplies, and knick-knacks that help make a kitchen more functional.

Your business is most likely also your hobby, and your customers are your friends. That makes it very hard to leave. But, when it is time to retire or to move onto something else, the liquidation experts from G.A. Wright are here to help develop a business exit strategy with you and to make closing a bit less painful.

Planning Your Closing Strategy

G.A. Wright’s expert staff has experience in end of business closings for a wide array of businesses.

We will plan with you and make your closing liquidation a productive one. We help by:

  • Planning high promotion sales to help move inventory.
  • Expertise in marketing and exit strategy planning.
  • Our experience in exit strategies will guide each step of the process, and we’ll be by your side all of the way.

Why Choose G.A Wright?

We are the liquidation experts. That is what we do. Each of our team members has a vast amount of experience in the retail business, and we understand the nuances that make up any niche of the retail world. G.A. Wright will help take the sting out of your kitchen store closing while effectively moving your kitchen store inventory.

Watch the line of customers develop on the opening day of your closing sale and hear the cash register ring. Because of our plan, you will see the continued flow of sales throughout the length of your liquidation, leaving little to nothing left to contend with at the end.

Contact G.A. Wright and we’ll explore your options with you. We’ll align you with a good match from our liquidation experts, who will come out to meet you and go over our process with you. If you choose our help, our staff member will lead your team through, moving all of your inventory and fixtures, too. Don’t try to do it alone, call G.A. Wright for help with your kitchen store closing.

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How to Liquidate a Book StoreThere is something about a bookstore – the smell of leather, fresh pages off the press, and in the case of used books, even musty odors are appealing to the book hound. But, with the continued growth of the internet, notepads, kindles, and more, the printed page is getting so much harder to sell. Still, baby boomers, cling to their bookshelves lined with old limited and signed editions. However, when as a shopkeeper you decide it is time to let go, then it is time to hire the experts in exit strategies.

You Know the Book Business, Why Hire a Closing Specialist?

Liquidating your bookstore is very different than everyday sales. You still want to receive the best pricing possible for your inventory, while making some quick sales. Plus, you’ve got much invested in bookshelves, chairs, display tables, and business equipment. You most likely want to sell those, too. Moving books by the pallet-full may sound appealing, but won’t be very profitable. Here’s when G.A. Wright, experts in-store sales and closures, can really help you out.

When you contact G.A. Wright, a member of our team will pay your business a visit. We’ll go over your merchandise, furnishings, and equipment, see what timeline you would like to move on, and discuss how much of your investment we can help you profit from.

Liquidating All of Your Assets

When you choose G.A. Wright, we will help you plan the sale from advertising to displays, and markdowns. Because of our decades of experience in the field, we know where to place advertising and which marketing tools will best suit your needs in your specific location. Books will start flying off the shelf, while you continue to maintain good margins. We will stay by your side for the life of the sale, helping with one-time pricing specials, keeping the store looking neat and stocked, and more.

We know you want to walk away from bookstore liquidation with your head held high, knowing you have done the best by your customers, while also doing the best for yourself. G.A. Wright’s clients continually praise us for going above and beyond, while remaining professional and seeing that our customers obtain returns that are better than anticipated. Contact G.A. Wright today and let’s talk about how we can help you with your closing sale.

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How to Have Retail Sales Closing Store Sale

Going out of business can be an exciting time. It is a time to move forward with life and on to the next adventure. But, it can also be a stressful time with so much to do, and things to understand. Whether you have been in the retail clothing business for five or 25 years, you have accumulated inventory, display cases, furniture, and business equipment. Call upon experts in the field to help you through your retail clothing store closing sale.

Preparing for a Closing Sale

It takes a bit of time to plan out a closing sale for any type of business. In the end, you are going to want deals that your customers won’t be able to pass up.

Some planning ideas may include:

  • Promotions leading up to the big event
  • Window displays and signage
  • Local advertising
  • Social media advertising
  • When and how much to markdown items
  • Outdoor displays or tent sale

If you have been in business within your community, no doubt you have been involved in the local chamber of commerce and other local events. You will be able to leverage those affiliations, as well.

Get Professional Help

While you have learned how to manage your business, a closing sale is a whole different ballgame. The professionals at G.A. Wright can help you from planning through the end. We have done it all, and many of our team are very experienced with the clothing business. Let us help you.

When you call upon us, a member of our team will come out and meet with you to see what you have and ascertain what you hope to leverage out of your sale. You will not only want to closeout your clothing inventory but your business assets as well. We can help with all of that.

When you partner with G.A. Wright, our professional representative will go over your entire inventory of clothing, accessories, and furnishings. We will work with you to get the business down to the bare walls. We’ll enlist your business contacts and some of ours in order to make your closing productive and profitable.

We have years of experience in planning, marketing, and conducting successful retail store closing sales. We know how to keep customers happy while enlisting them to return time and again during the life of the sale. After all, they won’t want to miss the bargain they have been waiting for.

Give G.A. Wright a call, or fill out our communication form and let’s talk about we can help you. We offer a free consultation, and we will help you make the most of your going-out-of-business sale.

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Boost Foot Traffic

Remember when you used to go into a clothing store and a salesperson would help you find the type of clothing you were looking for, in your size, and hang items in a dressing room for you to try on? Is the need for customer service gone? Well, not completely.

Internet shoppers will order items online only to find out the size is incorrect, and they need to send it back for a different size. Well, that takes time! As a retail store owner, you need to remind customers of the ease of shopping in-store, and the benefits. But, you do need the internet to help you do that.

Using Online Sources to Bolster Traffic

If you don’t have a website, you need one. Make it stand out. You need great design with ease of use, photos, and videos. Label those photos with tags used by SEO, or search engine optimization, which will drive your website up higher in a particular search. And, start a blog.

Utilize other methods to drive people to your website, and physical store. How? Through the active use of simple and inexpensive tools such as claiming your site on Google Business, Yahoo, and Bing. Make sure all of the information is current and accurate.

Partake of social media. Choose one, say Facebook, and stay consistent with posts. Decide on a calendar that is doable for you. Say, three posts per week and stick to it. These may include photos of new inventory, or a slow-mo video of what’s in today’s bakery case.

Also, use your website and social media to continually supply reasons why shoppers need to shop local and physically visit your store. “Have a hot date? Shop for the perfect outfit today and wear it tonight!” Or, “last-minute gift to get? Shop online here, and pick up at our store on the way home!”

Using Your Storefront and Local Connections to Boost Foot Traffic

Don’t just drop in the latest into your window displays. Work them. Celebrate the current season with a mix of products and signs of that season. Use digital signage to promote events and sales.

As in selling a house, curb appeal is important. Make your storefront inviting. Set up a couple of potted plants with flowers. Roll out a red carpet during a sales event. Provide an outdoor bench or chairs, so shoppers can sit and relax.

There is no doubt, any retail business needs a modern strategy to bring in more buyers. The professionals at G.A. Wright have lived through changes in the retail world time and time again and learned from them. If you need help planning your retail strategy or planning a special sale such as an inventory reduction sale, give G.A. Wright a call and learn how we can help you boost or close your business.


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