G.A. Wright is the leader in conducting Total Liquidation Sales for retailers in all sectors of the industry. Recently, G.A. Wright conducted a Going Out of Business Sale for a shoe store located in Edmonton Alberta Canada. The owner Todd Mansell tells us in this video how he searched for a Liquidation Company for Shoe Stores in his area and found nothing until he received a letter from G.A. Wright. After receiving references from other retailers who hired G.A. Wright and talking to a sales representative, Todd made the decision to close his business.

This video shows Todd Mansell the owner of Corona Shoe Re-Nu talking about his sale and the results he achieved by hiring G.A. Wright to conduct the blow-out event. Hear how customers reacted to the store closing process as well as employees and why doing a liquidation sale this way was a great decision for Todd and his business.

“Not only did we sell merchandise, but we had store fixtures, furniture, equipment, and lots of odds and ends, and it too was moving out almost as quickly as the shoes. Stuff I thought I would just throw out, ended up making me money! … As I write this, I’m sitting looking at my empty store. I can emphatically say that I could have never done this on my own. In fact, I shudder at the thought. The closing of a business can be a sad occasion, and it is, but we went out the best way imaginable, with a resounding bang. I know many retailers and if they ever mentioned to me about closing, opening a new location, or just reducing stock I would go out of my way to make SURE they call G.A. Wright. It’s an extraordinary business model that I have personally witnessed, and it truly yields results.” G.A. Wright Client Todd Mansell

Store Closing Information Packet

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