A four-day high-impact sales event takes a great deal of planning and coordination. Success depends on all elements of the sale being well-integrated, and precisely executed. Everything must work together. Advertising must be timely and powerful in order to get customers lined up at the door. And that’s just the beginning. You must also get those customers into the store, get them browsing the merchandise, put products in their hands, and ring up the sales on the register. Advertising, merchandising, pricing, signage, sales assistance, and checkout procedures must all work together flawlessly to generate an exceptional volume of sales.

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Below is a sample of what a 4-Day sale looks like- ( ORDER the GUIDE to get the full program details)

Start planning well in advance of the scheduled sale date. Five weeks in advance isn’t too soon. In fact, sales promotion planning should coincide with your buying plans. Promotions can be significantly enhanced if you are buying with a sales promotion schedule in mind. Copy-writing and advertising design are critical elements to success. Be sure to allocate sufficient time for the people executing these tasks. A task list and recommended schedule follows. Yours may vary based upon the ability of vendors to accomplish some tasks.

Planning Week

1.Order direct mail advertising, signs, and pricing materials.
2.Plan an email and digital marketing campaign.
3.Design customer sign-up forms and have them printed.
4.Order incentive gifts.
5.Plan newspaper advertising and reserve advertising space.
6.Contact postmaster and obtain permits for mailing 3rd class mail, if applicable.

Week Before Sale Begins

1.Printed materials arrive.
2.Direct mail arrives.
3.Place newspaper advertising
4.Friday – Drop direct mail at the post office.

Sale Week

Tuesday -Store closed for preparation and pricing.
Wednesday -Pre-showing sale.
Thursday-Newspaper advertising breaks. (Wednesday morning or Thursday Evening)
Saturday-Last day of the sale.

The most valuable assistance we can provide is the expertise of a Senior Consultant. A Consultant can meet with you — in your store — several weeks ahead of your sale date to make sure your sale is on the right track.

I had the G.A. Wright packet of information eight months before I finally made the call to a Senior Management Consultant. During his visit, I was impressed by his professional manner in evaluating our business and his insightful questions which helped us to reaffirm our own motivations and goals. From that day on, I knew we had made the right decision in using your firm to reach those goals. The sale has been an extraordinary success!G.A. Wright Clients–Peggy and Joe Urriola

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