G.A. Wright Sales, Inc. recently helped the owner of a Hardware Store Liquidate his inventory and other assets in an exciting and fun quitting business sale. Yes, it can be done! Hardware stores often have such a large amount of inventory to move, that a quitting business sale can seem overwhelming. Hiring a professional retail liquidation company like G.A. Wright will help ease some of the stress of planning a going out of business sale. Some retailers have experienced a sense of fun and have enjoyed spending time with their loyal customers and staff during the final days. This video shows the owner Alan Meyer talking about why he hired G.A. Wright, what the experience was like for him and his staff and results they achieved.

You can sell the inventory and other assets of your store quickly, safely and for more than can be obtained any other way by using the techniques provided by G.A. Wright.

Please Watch this video of Mickey’s True Value Hardware.

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