Kitchen Store Closing SaleMaking the decision to close up shop is a difficult one, for any reason. You got into the retail kitchen business, no doubt because you enjoy cooking and the pots and pans, knives and graters, colanders, baking supplies, and knick-knacks that help make a kitchen more functional.

Your business is most likely also your hobby, and your customers are your friends. That makes it very hard to leave. But, when it is time to retire or to move onto something else, the liquidation experts from G.A. Wright are here to help develop a business exit strategy with you and to make closing a bit less painful.

Planning Your Closing Strategy

G.A. Wright’s expert staff has experience in end of business closings for a wide array of businesses.

We will plan with you and make your closing liquidation a productive one. We help by:

  • Planning high promotion sales to help move inventory.
  • Expertise in marketing and exit strategy planning.
  • Our experience in exit strategies will guide each step of the process, and we’ll be by your side all of the way.

Why Choose G.A Wright?

We are the liquidation experts. That is what we do. Each of our team members has a vast amount of experience in the retail business, and we understand the nuances that make up any niche of the retail world. G.A. Wright will help take the sting out of your kitchen store closing while effectively moving your kitchen store inventory.

Watch the line of customers develop on the opening day of your closing sale and hear the cash register ring. Because of our plan, you will see the continued flow of sales throughout the length of your liquidation, leaving little to nothing left to contend with at the end.

Contact G.A. Wright¬†and we’ll explore your options with you. We’ll align you with a good match from our liquidation experts, who will come out to meet you and go over our process with you. If you choose our help, our staff member will lead your team through, moving all of your inventory and fixtures, too. Don’t try to do it alone, call G.A. Wright for help with your kitchen store closing.

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