G.A. Wright is the leading expert in conducting Huge Cash Raising Sales for Retail Stores. Our powerful techniques can line up customers at the front door without ever revealing prices. We frequently create a buying frenzy where customers buy because everyone else is buying. We also show our retail clients merchandising techniques that move customers through a store faster, exposing them to more and increasing sales per customer. Our programs can be designed to eliminate overstocks, generate lots of cash or even sell inventory down to the bare walls. Consultants are trained and experienced retail professionals (CLICK HERE for more info on our Professional Consultants)

Our only business is helping retailers conduct High Impact Sales Promotional Events. We have tested and perfected methods of maximizing results from a variety of different media and special sales promotion techniques. Research into the methods of successful retail sales promotion and a wealth of experience with almost every type of retail business, have allowed us to develop a high level of expertise in the process of attracting customers to stores and generating big increases in sales volume.

A Sales Promotion can be effective for almost any retail store. Exceptional results have been obtained for all store sizes. G.A. Wright techniques are tailored to the store and its surrounding community. The results in a small rural town can be as good as those in a large metropolitan area.

We can show retailers many tricks of the trade that have created wealth in the retail industry, plus secrets that most your competitors, including national chains, don’t know. Educating our clients is an important part of the service we provide. No secrets are kept. We want you to know how to produce these results any time you have a reason to do so.

G.A Wright has testimonials from many retailers. Please watch this video so you can see why hiring G.A Wright can help Raise Cash, generate buzz, get new and old customers coming back again and again and more….

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