Do you ever wish you could wave a magic wand and turn your store into cash? Do you ask yourself how to tell if you need to liquidate your store or if you can stay in business?

Well…it may not be quite that easy but, it’s probably much easier than you think to turn your store into cash with a Professional Store Closing Sale. It’s safe, fast and can result in a higher return on investment than other methods of selling a store.

Of course, I’d be the first to admit there are some disadvantages of a Store Closing Sale. So…just to be sure you consider all the options carefully, I’ve listed some pros and cons.

Disadvantages of a Store Closing Sale

You’ll wonder what people will think.
You’ll worry everything won’t sell.
Your business broker will argue you should have sold the going business.
You’ll work like crazy for weeks.
You’ll start seeing customers you thought died years ago.
Employees will complain about too many customers and too much work.
Vendors will call wanting to know why orders have dropped off.
Your banker will ask how you paid off your note.
Then you’ll need to begin making tough decisions about what to do each day.
Friends will approach you with exotic vacation ideas.
Prospective partners will want you to evaluate new business opportunities.

Advantages of a Store Closing Sale

The only advantage…you’ll have lots of money.

So…do you really want to deal with the disadvantages of closing your store and turning all of the inventory, fixtures, equipment and other assets into cash? If you do, I can help.

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