You’re receiving merchandise for fall and winter and need space on the sales floor. Summer sales have started to slow. You have bills to pay and sales volume is down. This is the type of situation that calls for an aggressive sales promotion strategy. Read more to see How to Sell Summer Inventory Fast and Make Room for Fall & Winter Merchandise.

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In fact, the time at the end of your summer season and just before sales start to increase in the fall can be your most productive time to promote. Here’s why:

1. You attract customers into the store in great numbers during an otherwise slow period before they normally begin shopping in the fall. That improves your cash flow when you need it most.

“The sale was conducted during my slowest period, yet the traffic and customer sales better than doubled. ” G.A. Wright Client – Kalpna Ruparelia

2.You achieve a big increase in sales volume.

“Once we launched the program, our daily sales were multiples of what we made per day previously. One week is almost equivalent to one month’s sales. “ G.A. Wright Client –Tony Kolenc

3. You’ll have many new customers coming back again and again. You have a chance to build a relationship that will keep them coming back for years.

“How can you beat a system that keeps customers coming back to your store by the hundreds everyday for two months?” G.A. Wright Clients – Donald & Maria Pagazani

4. You get a big jump on your competitors by getting crowds in early. They see your fall merchandise, make some purchases, have a good time, and yours is the first store they remember in the height of the season when they’re ready to spend heavily and pay top prices.

“I had customers calling me just to let me know how much fun they were having.G.A. Wright Client – Dan Heider

5. You sell off the last of your summer stock making sure you don’t have to carry it over to the next season. You turn it into cash, pay off the last of your summer season invoices, and open up space on the sales floor for new merchandise you’re beginning to receive.

“I reduced inventory, paid off all my outstanding bills, paid all the expenses of the sale and had money left over to remodel and purchase newer inventory.” G.A. Wright Client – Grace Harris

6. You expose the new merchandise you’re buying for fall to crowds of customers that will make some purchases early. That tells you what will likely be hot in the fall and can be reordered improving 4th quarter sales with the right merchandise and more customers.

“This sale was a great jump-start to my business. The greatest benefit I received from G.A. Wright was a crash course in marketing.
G. A. Wright Client – Jennifer Stansbury

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