How to Liquidate a Book StoreThere is something about a bookstore – the smell of leather, fresh pages off the press, and in the case of used books, even musty odors are appealing to the book hound. But, with the continued growth of the internet, notepads, kindles, and more, the printed page is getting so much harder to sell. Still, baby boomers, cling to their bookshelves lined with old limited and signed editions. However, when as a shopkeeper you decide it is time to let go, then it is time to hire the experts in exit strategies.

You Know the Book Business, Why Hire a Closing Specialist?

Liquidating your bookstore is very different than everyday sales. You still want to receive the best pricing possible for your inventory, while making some quick sales. Plus, you’ve got much invested in bookshelves, chairs, display tables, and business equipment. You most likely want to sell those, too. Moving books by the pallet-full may sound appealing, but won’t be very profitable. Here’s when G.A. Wright, experts in-store sales and closures, can really help you out.

When you contact G.A. Wright, a member of our team will pay your business a visit. We’ll go over your merchandise, furnishings, and equipment, see what timeline you would like to move on, and discuss how much of your investment we can help you profit from.

Liquidating All of Your Assets

When you choose G.A. Wright, we will help you plan the sale from advertising to displays, and markdowns. Because of our decades of experience in the field, we know where to place advertising and which marketing tools will best suit your needs in your specific location. Books will start flying off the shelf, while you continue to maintain good margins. We will stay by your side for the life of the sale, helping with one-time pricing specials, keeping the store looking neat and stocked, and more.

We know you want to walk away from bookstore liquidation with your head held high, knowing you have done the best by your customers, while also doing the best for yourself. G.A. Wright’s clients continually praise us for going above and beyond, while remaining professional and seeing that our customers obtain returns that are better than anticipated. Contact G.A. Wright today and let’s talk about how we can help you with your closing sale.

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