Overview: Bill Hughes, owner of Kathie’s Christmas Gifts & Collectibles talks about using the services of G.A. Wright to reduce his large level of inventory. The inventory consists mainly of Christmas gifts and décor as well as art and collectibles for any occasion. Because the store has so many unique one-of-a kind items such as crystal ornaments, figurines and art work, they consistently ran into overstock problems. Bill sought the expertise of G.A. Wright over 10 years ago and now turns to a professional retail consultant every time he needs to run a Cash Raising Sale or Overstock Reduction Sale. In fact a year after this video was taken, Bill and his wife made the decision to retire so they can spend more time with their grand kids, and once again he turned to G.A. Wright for his final Sale. See Bill’s Retirement Sale Video HERE

The Promotional Sale: Bill’s promotional sale started in the fall and lasted 7 weeks. In the past Bill retained G.A. Wright services to conduct inventory reduction sales or inventory leveling sales on specific categories of merchandise. For this third sale G.A. Wright was retained to conduct a huge store-wide promotion to help create awareness in a slow retail economy, attract new customers and liquidate merchandise that wasn’t selling. The first day people were lined up around the building waiting to get in and buy. First days sales totaled more than they had done in a month’s time. Each day new customers came in and high sales volume was sustained throughout the sales event.

Comments by owner

“I had been getting mailings from a place called G.A Wright and I gave them a call, they sent somebody in who took a look at the situation and said absolutely they would know how run the perfect sale for Kathie’s Christmas & Collectibles… so next thing we knew we signed up for what I think at that time was a 9 ½ week sale G.A. Wright came in, the consultant arrived, and boy did they run a sale!”

“ We’ve been wonderfully successful for 31 years, but anytime we need to run a sale we know to pick up the phone, call G.A. Wright and we know they’re going to run a sale like nothing we have ever experienced or nothing that you will ever see or experience unless you try it.”

“G.A. Wright Inc.’s program under the direction of our professional and knowledgeable consultant was very effective at producing such an outstanding sale. Our consultant worked very close with us and our employees, thus we were able to achieve our goal.”

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