You can find out how much your store is worth on this CD and see how to sell it quickly and safely for the highest possible price.

Audio CD available to retail business owners only.

CD Available to retail business owners only.

Call to request a copy of the audio CD, 303-333-4453.

“We came away from this experience with satisfaction and confidence in GA Wright and the selling process the company has clearly based its success on.” G.A. Wright Client Larry Harold

You’ll hear me talk about 4 methods used by retailers to sell their stores and the return on investment possible from each approach. This information is the result of a nationwide study done by G.A. Wright and a major financial services firm.



On this CD you’ll hear:

• The 4 different methods of selling a retail business.
• Financial results possible from each method.
• How to eliminate risk.
• A strategy behind selling the store location or lease.
• The best timing for a sale.
• How to manage the sale.
• References from retailers with stores like yours.

Your business can be sold for more than you probably think is possible. You may find out you can make more by selling than continuing to operate.

“Everything that we were told has proven to be true. … Your system simply works. … Our decision to use G.A. Wright this time was the best, most productive and most profitable decision.” G.A. Wright Clients Glenda and Jim McNeil

This CD will be mailed to your home or office address without cost or obligation. It will be marked “CONFIDENTIAL For Addressee Only.”

To have this CD, “How Much is Your Retail Business Worth?” mailed immediately call my office at 303-333-4453.

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