Dear Retailer,

This FREE Guide will show you step-by-step what you can do to produce more sales  for your store in a short period of time than you’ve ever thought possible.

*For Retail Business Owners Only

*For Retail Business Owners Only

You’ll learn all the secrets … what to do, and when to do it. Obtain powerful techniques that will help you:

    • Attract Crowds of Customers
    • Spike Your Sales Volume
    • Create a Buying Frenzy
    • Bring Competitors to Their Knees
    • Unload Old Inventory
    • Generate Quick Cash
    • Increase Your Customer Base
    • Create Excitement in Your Store.
    • Sustain Sales Increases All Summer

4ds guide

How can a sale of any type do this much for your store? Before I go into any more detail on just how our sales work, you need to hear from some other retailers, with stores like yours, who were just as skeptical as you are, before they saw the results.

“Never before have we had lines of customers waiting to get into our store! This did not just happen on the first day of the sale but multiple times throughout the event.”~G.A. Wright Client – Linda Bohannon

“By concentrating traffic on specific days and/or times, I saw how the theory of creating a buying frenzy was very effective in developing that sense of urgency with my customers.”~G.A. Wright Client – Stacy Connart

“I was both amazed and astonished at the results of the sale and the positive impact it had on our customers, old, current and new as well as our surrounding community.”~G.A. Wright Client – Joseph Murray

Sales results like these are not unusual. As a matter of fact, we have hundreds of letters from satisfied clients on file and I’d be happy to send you some. We probably have one from a retailer in your specialty, since we’ve done sales for just about every kind of retailer – books, boats, jewelry, toys, furniture, sports, hardware, shoes, pharmacies, clothing of all sorts. You name it, we’ve sold it.

So, what’s in this Planning Guide to Huge Sales?

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 Included are all the crucial steps in the process of planning a 4 Day High Impact Sale. The things you can’t leave out. You’ll be able to conduct high impact sales events that generate amazing results just by following this easy to understand guide.

You’ll find out:

  • How to plan a killer sales event
  • What to do weeks before the sale begins
  • The best day to start
  • The secret of attracting crowds
  • The best advertising and how to use it
  • About door buster incentives
  • A technique that always works to boost sales
  • Hot merchandising tips
  • How to create high voltage excitement
  • How to use powerful signage
  • What to do to wrap it all up successfully
  • How to sustain the volume increases for weeks and months to come

   I am willing to take a chance based on my assumption that, when you see how powerful this program can really be, you will want us to work with you more closely on future sales promotion campaigns. But, I’m limiting my obligation to supply this material to those retailers who respond within the next 10 days. So, to be sure you receive this FREE Guide, call or CLICK to GET STARTED

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