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G.A. Wright is the leading expert in conducting Huge Cash Raising Sales for Retail Stores. Our powerful techniques can line up customers at the front door without ever revealing prices. We frequently create a buying frenzy where customers buy because … Continue reading

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A four-day high-impact sales event takes a great deal of planning and coordination. Success depends on all elements of the sale being well-integrated, and precisely executed. Everything must work together. Advertising must be timely and powerful in order to get … Continue reading

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A major obstacle confronted by many retailers in formulating an Exit Strategy, is the problem of a lease obligation and terms that may prevent termination. Rather than considering an executed lease unchangeable, a retail tenant should look for ways to … Continue reading

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Margin vs. Turnover Retailing is the business of buying merchandise at a low price, selling it at a higher price, and doing it fast enough so you make a profit. Therefore, the efficiency of a retail business can be viewed … Continue reading

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Every retail business owner knows about the benefits of getting involved with their community…..It can create free advertising opportunities, increase customer traffic, increase sales, move old inventory etc … but you’d be surprised to find out that only a small … Continue reading

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You’re receiving merchandise for fall and winter and need space on the sales floor.  Summer sales have started to slow.  You have bills to pay and sales volume is down.  This is the type of situation that calls for an … Continue reading

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You can breathe life, excitement, and sales into the slow summer months with the 10 Strategies you’ll gain from this Special Report.  Get powerful techniques you can begin using right now to attract crowds and produce a huge increase in … Continue reading

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The ideal time to attack your market with a High-Impact Promotion is just before your best selling season. Why?  Let me explain.  During a traditionally slow preseason period, your competitors usually aren’t aggressive.  You can take the initiative and gain … Continue reading

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Why Professional Assistance is Important Retailers are in the business of operating stores.  The process of closing a store adds a new and very different management burden.  Ensuring success requires careful planning; close monitoring of sales, margins, and expenses, and … Continue reading

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Newspaper is one of the most used advertising media for retail businesses.  It’s well suited to the visual nature of retailing and the necessity for local targeting.  It must be effective or retailers wouldn’t use it so extensively. However, I … Continue reading

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