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COVID-19 has caused substantial changes for both essential and nonessential businesses. While essential businesses have changed their structure, retail stores have shifted to an online ordering system, provided curbside or delivery options for their customers, or, in many cases, closed … Continue reading

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It happens to every retailer. Sometimes you make either order too much of something, or simply order a product you think your customers will buy, but they just aren’t interested. Having a surplus of unwanted merchandise can hurt the aesthetics … Continue reading

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When it comes to marketing your business, simply sending out flyers or posting fancy advertisements in your store window are gone. These days, it takes much more than that to build your brand. Why? Perhaps because every form of media … Continue reading

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You can find out how much your store is worth on this CD and see how to sell it quickly and safely for the highest possible price. Call to request a copy of the audio CD, 303-333-4453. “We came away … Continue reading

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When considering a Retail Sales Strategy Post Holiday, many retailers only allow for the liquidation of items that didn’t sell during the Christmas buying frenzy.  This typically involves having a store employee create a cozy corner in the front of … Continue reading

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At long last we have released our full 2015 Retail Trends Report. For the full printed report please CLICK HERE. Retail Trends and Planning Report 2015 By Gary A. Wright The Economy Holiday sales in stores should be on track … Continue reading

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This is an excerpt from our upcoming Retail Trends Report that will be published in December. Please CLICK HERE to get on our mailing list for the full report: Economic Trends for Retail Music Stores: Music stores selling instruments, sheet … Continue reading

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We’ve closed many books stores in recent years and I’m afraid we’ll close more. Although demographics and technology are working against bookstores there are ways to survive and prosper in this business. It takes thinking out of the box and … Continue reading

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Furniture and home furnishing stores are doing well with good margins and turnover rates but are slowly trending down. There have been many positive Economic Trends for Furniture Stores. New and existing home sales have been rising, incomes are rising … Continue reading

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The United States has more retail shopping center space per capita than any other country, at least twice as much as Canada and ten times that of France. Some attribute the growth in selling space to cheap imports from China … Continue reading

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