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Many non-essential retail stores have been unable to keep their doors open during the coronavirus outbreak. That doesn’t mean, however, that you do not still have inventory available that people want to purchase. Creating an e-commerce solution for your business … Continue reading

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There comes a time when a retail business owner may decide it is time to close the doors. If you think it’s time for you to start your outdoor gear closeout sale, you should take the time to do serious … Continue reading

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It happens to every retailer. Sometimes you make either order too much of something, or simply order a product you think your customers will buy, but they just aren’t interested. Having a surplus of unwanted merchandise can hurt the aesthetics … Continue reading

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Remember when you used to go into a clothing store and a salesperson would help you find the type of clothing you were looking for, in your size, and hang items in a dressing room for you to try on? … Continue reading

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Retail sales promotion is generally regulated at the state and local level. Regulation is focused on consumer protection and truth in advertising. Regulations governing retail sales promotion vary by state, county and city. All of these venues across the United … Continue reading

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  “She didn’t believe my sales promotion program would work!” CLICK HERE to get this FREE Report Bobbi Orris became a Retail Sales Promotion Consultant 25 years ago. She’s been doing work for our clients ever since. Last year she … Continue reading

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We’ve had an exciting sale going on at B Fine Art Jewelry in Mississippi. The Owner, Betsey Liles, was gracious enough to put her thoughts about the sale on camera for us to share with other retailers. Here is her … Continue reading

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Small retailers who are succeeding, typically sell a very high quality product, they market to a niche customer, and they provide an extraordinary level of service that the “big box” stores can’t match. They make their store the place to … Continue reading

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G.A. Wright is offering a free Retailer’s Guide to a 4-Day Blow-Out Sale during the month of June only. Click Here to order. * Offer for Retail Business Owners only. How to Conduct a High Impact Sale A Detailed Plan … Continue reading

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You can find out how much your store is worth on this CD and see how to sell it quickly and safely for the highest possible price. Call to request a copy of the audio CD, 303-333-4453. “We came away … Continue reading

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