Want to learn a good Strategy to Reduce Inventory Fast? You can avoid cash flow problems by turning some of your excess inventory into cash. And, you may also be able to gain some advantage by reducing your level of debt. Surely you know this is the time of year that causes many of my retail clients a good deal of stress with payments due on holiday merchandise and sales dropping off as usual in January and February. I know how difficult it can be with money going out faster than it’s coming in and I’d love to help you solve this problem. I think your store might benefit from two valuable pieces of information. First, I’ll send you a Digital Video Disc (DVD) entitled, How to Turn Old Inventory Into Cash Fast and I’ll also include a Special Report, How to Reduce, Eliminate or Restructure Your Debt. Just fill out the form below. or CLICK HERE

G.A. Wright conducts High Impact Retail Sales Promotion Events. Our free guides may help you complete a sale on your own. However, if you feel like you need a little more support, contact G.A Wright to conduct a Inventory Reduction Sale for you. We have a proven strategy that will get customers in your store buying and returning daily until your merchandise is sold.

“Our cash flow increase was over 300% of the amount of business experienced in the three months prior to the sale, just as you had projected
.”~G.A. Wright Client Jo Shadid

“I personally received a new education on how to find and reach a new customer base and how to wake up the one I already had.”~ G.A Wright Client Earnest Nak

“I definitely appreciated having a Consultant from G.A. Wright to work the sale. It eased the load quite considerably as well as taught myself and staff how to increase our traffic flow.”~ G.A Wright Client Donna James
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To receive the DVD and Special Report fill out form below. Call us at 303-333-4453.

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