Boost Foot Traffic

Remember when you used to go into a clothing store and a salesperson would help you find the type of clothing you were looking for, in your size, and hang items in a dressing room for you to try on? Is the need for customer service gone? Well, not completely.

Internet shoppers will order items online only to find out the size is incorrect, and they need to send it back for a different size. Well, that takes time! As a retail store owner, you need to remind customers of the ease of shopping in-store, and the benefits. But, you do need the internet to help you do that.

Using Online Sources to Bolster Traffic

If you don’t have a website, you need one. Make it stand out. You need great design with ease of use, photos, and videos. Label those photos with tags used by SEO, or search engine optimization, which will drive your website up higher in a particular search. And, start a blog.

Utilize other methods to drive people to your website, and physical store. How? Through the active use of simple and inexpensive tools such as claiming your site on Google Business, Yahoo, and Bing. Make sure all of the information is current and accurate.

Partake of social media. Choose one, say Facebook, and stay consistent with posts. Decide on a calendar that is doable for you. Say, three posts per week and stick to it. These may include photos of new inventory, or a slow-mo video of what’s in today’s bakery case.

Also, use your website and social media to continually supply reasons why shoppers need to shop local and physically visit your store. “Have a hot date? Shop for the perfect outfit today and wear it tonight!” Or, “last-minute gift to get? Shop online here, and pick up at our store on the way home!”

Using Your Storefront and Local Connections to Boost Foot Traffic

Don’t just drop in the latest into your window displays. Work them. Celebrate the current season with a mix of products and signs of that season. Use digital signage to promote events and sales.

As in selling a house, curb appeal is important. Make your storefront inviting. Set up a couple of potted plants with flowers. Roll out a red carpet during a sales event. Provide an outdoor bench or chairs, so shoppers can sit and relax.

There is no doubt, any retail business needs a modern strategy to bring in more buyers. The professionals at G.A. Wright have lived through changes in the retail world time and time again and learned from them. If you need help planning your retail strategy or planning a special sale such as an inventory reduction sale, give G.A. Wright a call and learn how we can help you boost or close your business.


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