Opening a jewelry store is a bright and exciting time. Closing one, well, not so much. But it could be!

Let’s face it, no one plans on going out of business, but everyone, at some point, does. Whether it is time to retire, the economy has gone bad, or it’s just time to move on to something else, it is time for your jewelry store liquidation sale.

You’ll Need Help

Just because you have been in the jewelry business for years, doesn’t mean you know how to liquidate your store. Sure, you know your customers and have had some sales perhaps around the holidays, but a closeout is a whole different ball of wax.

This is what GA Wright does best. While each of our team members has years of experience in the retail world, they’ve also gleaned the expertise needed for inventory reductions and liquidations. That’s what we do and have been doing for years. We also have specific experience in the jewelry field.

Our liquidation process maximizes the owner’s profit line and return. Our jewelry store closeouts feature high impact sale promotional events combining several key components. Our consultant will take the time to learn your inventory line by line, and will also conduct a marketing analysis specialized to your area. We assist with direct marketing coupled with online and more traditional advertising offering sales promotions and events.

GA Wright Offers the Best Results in Jewelry Liquidations

Your GA Wright jewelry liquidation consultant stays with you every step of the way. You can expect the line of customers waiting to get into your store to start early on the opening day of your liquidation sale. Our process motivates buyers. You’ll see your regulars, old customers you may have forgotten, and many new ones. And, we’ll bring them back in time and time again with repeat visits throughout the life of your liquidation sale.

Why? Because while some of the “bargains” keep getting better, they will also remember something that caught their eye and should have paid more attention to the last time they were there. They’ll return quickly in hopes they get there before something is gone, for good!

G.A. Wright integrates top advertising design with promotional advertising, as well as point-of-sale materials. We may even offer a frequent shopper program. We’ll help with merchandising, store operations, and sales. We’ll discuss everything we wish to do with you every step of the way.

When to Liquidate?

Springtime is a great time for liquidation. It’s a time of year most people are home and not traveling, and there’s something about coming out of the winter doldrums when blossoms abound that inspires and allows for jewelry shopping. Sure, Valentine’s Day is over, but Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are coming.

Being in the jewelry store business, you have come to know most people shop for jewelry for other people, but springtime is the one time most people allow themselves the pleasure of accessorizing their own wardrobe as well.

The Liquidation Itself

With GA Wright’s help, our clients have told us they saw more people walk through the door on the first day of the sale then they sometimes have seen in a month. Sales during the first day, week, or month generally equal longer timeframes even during the holiday season. There’s a reason GA Wright’s clients recommend us to others for inventory reduction sales, retirement sales, and liquidation sales. We are good at what we do, and we aren’t ashamed to promote it.

If you are thinking of liquidating your jewelry store, or any other type of retail store, contact GA Wright. We’ll discuss your needs and match up one of our top-notch consultants with you. You’ll be under no obligation, but we think you’ll want our help. GA Wright operates out of Denver, but our consultants travel throughout the U.S. and Canada. We’ll even travel to other countries depending upon a client’s needs and our ability to help. Fill out our submission form and let us get you started on the right track for your liquidation.

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