6 Common Mistakes that Keep Your Customers from ReturningLet’s face it, in running any type of retail store these days, you have to be creative. For many, money is tight, and the competition can be fierce. A major key to keeping your doors open is keeping your customers coming back. GA Wright can help with you with customer retention strategies, many of which are general for any type of retail business.

  1. Making a Bad First Impression – No matter how busy you are or even if you are just having a bad day, these are things you are going to have to keep to yourself. Always present a smiling face to your customers, old and new, and always welcome them quickly and courteously. Keep your stock fresh.
  2. Assuming First Time Customers will Become Returning Customers – There’s the old adage to never assume, and it applies here. A new customer may seem pleased to have found something they were looking for in your store and at a competitive price. They may buy, but that does not necessarily mean they will be back. Secure a friendship with your new customers, whether they purchase from you or not. If they do, you may want to send them a thank you note, an invitation to your next shopping event, or give them a call to see if their purchase worked out.
  3. Continually changing your Customer Experience – While it is good that customers can count on the products they seek always being in stock, it is also good to change up the store, and the customer experience. Change your front window display often and keep up with the season. And while you don’t want to reorganize the whole store, customers like to know where they are headed, do change up what they may encounter on their way through the store including new products.
  4. Not Being Available – Of course, you generally are not expected to be available when your store is closed but try to avoid unexpected closures. Nobody wants to plan on their shopping experience only to find a note on the door saying, “Sorry, closed today,” or even “Be back in 15 minutes.” Who wants to wait? Most people do not and will go elsewhere. Emergencies happen, and everyone gets that, but whenever possible keep your standard hours just that, standard, even if you have to call in relief staff to help out.
  5. Neglecting to Have a Loyalty Program – Loyalty or rewards programs in any type of store are beneficial. For customer service that maybe something like paying for a particular service 10 times and getting the next service free. For sales, it could include something like receiving a discount of 10% on your second shopping experience. It’s a tool that should not be overlooked and can be individualized for your business.
  6. Ignoring the Internet and Social Media – No matter the business, the internet, and social media can definitely be your friend these days. Utilize it to the max! Create a website and consider a Facebook page. Update them routinely and engage your customers. Share new items, ask questions, promote, and track your customers. The internet is one of the most economical ways to advertise. Take advantage of it.

Every retail business is different and each of these mishaps can be taken care of in different methods for any type of business. And, of course, there are many more ways to increase customer retention.

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