Closing a store can be so profitable some retailers have made a business of going out of business. They open a store, build the business for a few years and then conduct a Store Closing Sale only to move and do a Grand Opening Sale at a new location.

You’ve surely heard, “The best days in a store’s life are the day it opens and the day it closes.” We specialize in making these days unbelievably productive for our retail clients with Professional Grand Opening and Store Closing Sales.

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The “Holidays” are always the busiest time of the year for us. That’s because it’s the most profitable time for most retailers to conduct a Store Closing Sale.

You want to go hunting when the geese are flying. During the fourth quarter consumers are buying, advertising costs are less and margins remain higher. If the holiday season is the most profitable time for you, then it’s also the most profitable time to close your store.

CLICK TO WATCH VIDEOS of our retail clients.These videos are made in stores with Store Closing Sales in progress. You’ll notice many of the retailers have used my service several times for Cash Raising Sales.

You achieve a higher return by preparing ahead of time. Most retailers don’t get this right. We tell you the steps you can take today to enhance your business so you sell out to the bare walls, for the highest possible price, when you do make the decision to close. This advice doesn’t cost you anything. Just give us a call.

A big increase in cash flow can solve a multitude of problems. We often plan Cash Raising Sales designed to generate lots of cash and prepare a store to stay in business for years to come. So, whether you want to get out of the business or tackle problems you can solve with a big increase in customer traffic and cash flow we’d like to help.

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