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G.A Wright is the leader in conducting Professional Retail Store Liquidation Sales events. We have worked with retailers large and small in all categories of retailing. Please watch this video if you are currently think about Closing your Retail Store. … Continue reading

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Small retailers who are succeeding, typically sell a very high quality product, they market to a niche customer, and they provide an extraordinary level of service that the “big box” stores can’t match. They make their store the place to … Continue reading

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G.A. Wright works with many different sizes & types of retail stores to conduct High Impact Sales Promotional Events and Store Closing Sales. Our events often get covered by local media. We would like to take a moment to share … Continue reading

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A major obstacle confronted by many retailers in formulating an Exit Strategy, is the problem of a lease obligation and terms that may prevent termination. Rather than considering an executed lease unchangeable, a retail tenant should look for ways to … Continue reading

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It’s the Holidays and retailers are gearing up to sell off their unwanted inventory to make room for next year’s inventory.  During this time of year retailers will turn to the typical mild discounts on newer merchandise and huge discounts … Continue reading

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Good Results Even In A Poor Economy A frequent fear during a recession or regional downturn in the economy is the assumption that good results cannot be achieved from the Store Closing Sale because consumers are not shopping. This has … Continue reading

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Erin Gray and Connie Walker, co-owners of 9 Months Later in Twin Falls, Idaho, needed to close their store due to cash flow problems resulting from a poor economy. They contacted G.A Wright after reading the G.A Wright Retail Trends … Continue reading

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You can breathe life, excitement, and sales into the slow summer months with the 10 Strategies you’ll gain from this Special Report.  Get powerful techniques you can begin using right now to attract crowds and produce a huge increase in … Continue reading

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From the Desk of Gary A. Wright: If a retailer has a business that is failing or if a better lease opportunity appears elsewhere, a retailer generally wants the right to terminate, sell, or sublease the occupied space. In some … Continue reading

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A four-day high-impact sales event takes a great deal of planning and coordination. Success depends on all elements of the sale being well-integrated, and precisely executed. Everything must work together. Advertising must be timely and powerful in order to get … Continue reading

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