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This video shows a G.A Wright High Impact Promotional Sale in progress and the store owner Tom Barker talking about why he chose G.A. Wright and results he achieved during the sale. A Sales Promotion can be effective for almost … Continue reading

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You can turn old inventory into cash quickly with some powerful techniques I’d like to show you. See what a few of my clients have to say below. “After thirty-two high energy selling days in a row I understand the … Continue reading

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As we head into a New Year with higher than expected health care costs, rising costs on imports and consumers demanding locally made ‘green’ products at the same low prices, many retailers are looking to drastically lower their cost of … Continue reading

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It’s the Holidays and retailers are gearing up to sell off their unwanted inventory to make room for next year’s inventory.  During this time of year retailers will turn to the typical mild discounts on newer merchandise and huge discounts … Continue reading

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In the age of faster downloads, higher bandwidth, Social Media, digital news delivery and streaming content, the increasingly intuitive consumer is ready to buy at the click of a button or scan of the celebrated Smartphone application. Price comparisons take … Continue reading

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Retail sales events happen for two reasons: To Increase Customer Traffic and Sell Old Inventory Fast. If you are a retail business owner, please keep reading, you might be running the wrong type of sales in your store! Most retailers … Continue reading

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  Why Hiring Retail Professionals to Conduct a High Impact Sale this Winter Could be the Best Decision You’ve Made This Year!… Conducting a major Store Promotional Sale during the Holidays is the best way to sell overstocked inventory, motivate … Continue reading

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Margin vs. Turnover Retailing is the business of buying merchandise at a low price, selling it at a higher price, and doing it fast enough so you make a profit. Therefore, the efficiency of a retail business can be viewed … Continue reading

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If You Sell it They Will Buy.… but only if you have a really well lit, well groomed professional looking retail store. PLUS you must have low cost high end products and free parking right?…What if I told you that … Continue reading

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You can breathe life, excitement, and sales into the slow summer months with the 10 Strategies you’ll gain from this Special Report.  Get powerful techniques you can begin using right now to attract crowds and produce a huge increase in … Continue reading

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