GA Wright Comic Books StoreWhy Do Comic Book Stores Have Difficulty Staying in Business?

In July 2019, “Avengers: Endgame” became the highest grossing film of all time. It grossed worldwide movie ticket sales reaching $2.79 billion. With the incredible success of the Avengers films, and overall success of many comic-based films over the past decade, you might think that comic book stores would be enjoying successful profits, as well. However, that often isn’t the case.

In spite of the cinematic success of comic-based movies, comic book sales dropped off steadily for the past several years. Comic book store liquidation became an unfortunate, yet all too common phenomenon. In 2017 alone, at least 50 comic book stores closed in the U.S. and U.K. Another 21 stores in the U.S. and 11 more in the U.K. shuttered their windows since June of 2018.

With comic book-based entertainment having such great success, how is it that retailers of the source material are struggling to stay in business?

A New Way to Buy

In the heyday of comic books people had far fewer mediums by which to receive their entertainment. This meant comic book stores had less competition. Comic book readers waited for the release of the latest edition or volume, then flooded stores to buy the latest copy of their favorite story.

Online shopping changed the way comic book fans purchase their stories. With the ability to purchase collections from online retailers, such as, Amazon and eBay, even committed comic book collectors don’t shop at the brick-and-mortar stores like they used to. Instead the choose the convenience and options available online. Buyers can now purchase entire collections all at once. There is no need to wait for a the release new of a comic book every few weeks then rush to the store to buy the latest edition. Now, they even come with a return policy!

Changing the Medium Created a New Generation of Fans

The medium of how comic book fans consume their stories also changed dramatically, bringing with it an entirely new generation of comic book fans. At the peak of comic book popularity, comic-based movies did not exist. In those days, limited special effects, lack of budget, and a general lack of mass interest limited comic-based entertainment to television shows, which were considered to be “cheesy” by general viewers, and only a novelty by the most die-hard fans.

As special effects, budget, and interest increased, comic-based movies were released, capturing the attention of a new generation of fans. Many of those fans never read comic books but were enthralled by the storytelling of this new medium. Today, fans of comic-based source material are individuals who spent their entire lives looking forward to the release of comic-based movies, rather than the comic book fans of yesterday. These movies, while exclusively available at theaters, generally become video streaming options before long and retailers of both the brick-and-mortar and online variety scramble to stock shelves with products featuring the last trending characters

Fans of comic-based stories can watch the movie, order the products online, play the digital games, and move on to the next installment in lightning speed when compared to how long it would take to collect and read all of the titles for just one story in comic book form.

The Creators of Comic Books

On top of everything else comic book store owners have to face, one of the of biggest detractors to the industry are the comic book story creators, writers, and illustrators themselves!

There have been several incidents where the creators of comic books have offended established fans and prospective customers with condescending social media posts in which they dismiss criticisms and shut down discussions when there is disagreement with their vision. Rather than engaging in a healthy dialog with fans, they instead choose to insult and demean fans, turning away potential customers.

Although the comic-based industry has embraced the new generation of fans by finding new ways to deliver the product to them, the creators are often countering this by disengaging the very fans that made their creations a household name.

Avoid Having to Liquidate Your Comic Book Store

Comic book store owners face unique challenges that make it difficult to compete with online retailers, comic-based movie franchises, and backlash from comic book fans against their creators.

G.A. Wright can help its clients not only stay in business but thrive in business by:

  • Providing expert advice on promotion and sales
  • An in-depth analysis of your business and strategies to help you get back on track
  • Training to help your employees form stronger connections with your customers

Our clients trust the value of our services and we have the positive reviews to prove it. For more information, fill out our contact form.

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6 Common Mistakes that Keep Your Customers from ReturningLet’s face it, in running any type of retail store these days, you have to be creative. For many, money is tight, and the competition can be fierce. A major key to keeping your doors open is keeping your customers coming back. GA Wright can help with you with customer retention strategies, many of which are general for any type of retail business.

Six Common Mistakes Which Can Result in Losing Returning Customers

  1. Making a Bad First Impression – No matter how busy you are or even if you are just having a bad day, these are things you are going to have to keep to yourself. Always present a smiling face to your customers, old and new, and always welcome them quickly and courteously. Keep your stock fresh.
  2. Assuming First Time Customers will Become Returning Customers – There’s the old adage to never assume, and it applies here. A new customer may seem pleased to have found something they were looking for in your store and at a competitive price. They may buy, but that does not necessarily mean they will be back. Secure a friendship with your new customers, whether they purchase from you or not. If they do, you may want to send them a thank you note, an invitation to your next shopping event, or give them a call to see if their purchase worked out.
  3. Continually changing your Customer Experience – While it is good that customers can count on the products they seek always being in stock, it is also good to change up the store, and the customer experience. Change your front window display often and keep up with the season. And while you don’t want to reorganize the whole store, customers like to know where they are headed, do change up what they may encounter on their way through the store including new products.
  4. Not Being Available – Of course, you generally are not expected to be available when your store is closed but try to avoid unexpected closures. Nobody wants to plan on their shopping experience only to find a note on the door saying, “Sorry, closed today,” or even “Be back in 15 minutes.” Who wants to wait? Most people do not and will go elsewhere. Emergencies happen, and everyone gets that, but whenever possible keep your standard hours just that, standard, even if you have to call in relief staff to help out.
  5. Neglecting to Have a Loyalty Program – Loyalty or rewards programs in any type of store are beneficial. For customer service that maybe something like paying for a particular service 10 times and getting the next service free. For sales, it could include something like receiving a discount of 10% on your second shopping experience. It’s a tool that should not be overlooked and can be individualized for your business.
  6. Ignoring the Internet and Social Media – No matter the business, the internet, and social media can definitely be your friend these days. Utilize it to the max! Create a website and consider a Facebook page. Update them routinely and engage your customers. Share new items, ask questions, promote, and track your customers. The internet is one of the most economical ways to advertise. Take advantage of it.

Every retail business is different and each of these mishaps can be taken care of in different methods for any type of business. And, of course, there are many more ways to increase customer retention.

Call on GA Wright

The G.A. Wright team has decades of experience in retail. We specialize in planning big sales and closing sales, increasing business and maintaining business. GA Wright has a variety of strategies for how to keep customers coming back, time and again. Business owners can count on our excellent sales promotion program and we can share our expert advice with you.

When you contact GA Wright, we’ll team you up with a partner who has expertise in your field. Together we will analyze your business and make strategic decisions to help your business get back on track. We can aid in training your employees to engage with customers and increase your retention rate. GA Wright is a trusted and valued company by many throughout the US and Canada. Check through our reviews and see what our customers have to say, then fill out our contact form so we can help propel your business forward.

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double edge sword of customer reviewsAs a business owner or manager, you may not think of online reviews of your business as being important. They are! Whether on your own website, Facebook page or various business sites such as Yelp, Google Reviews, or TripAdvisor, customer impact reviews attract new customers. Studies show more and more people are enlisting reviews in their decision-making from where to go for a haircut, or what restaurant to try, to what clothing boutique has good customer service.

Depending upon the study, most researchers are finding up to 90% of people are checking online reviews for things they are considering purchasing, especially those things in a higher price range. It follows suit that individuals are doing the same for service-based businesses as well.

Reviews are a Valuable Marketing Tool

One of the most sought after marketing tools is one that takes little work, and costs you nothing. Having reviews of your business is good for your business, and something you should encourage. Everyone visits the internet these days and the more mentions you get, the more attention you get driving new customers to your business. Let’s say, for example, you are looking for moving help. There is one company that has five stars, from a total of five reviewers. Another has a 4.8-star average from 210 reviewers. Who would you call? Most likely, the one who has many more reviews.

Getting More Reviews

First off, when you engage in conversation with a new customer, be sure to ask them where they learned of your store or services. Later, before you part ways, and if they seem happy, ask them to leave a review for you.

Keep track of your reviews. Most people won’t leave their full name but perhaps a first name and last initial. When a return customer comes back in, think about whether you have seen a review from him, or her. Maybe even keep a list handy, but justifiably protected as a quick reference. Or simply ask him, “By the way, have you left us a review on our website, or on Yelp?” If not, “We’d appreciate it, if you would.

Don’t buy reviews, but, encourage them. You can offer incentives, but you don’t want to buy a positive review. You are simply requesting an honest online customer review. If your business has the practice of getting email addresses for your customers, you can also send them a “thanks for coming in,” or thank you for shopping with us,” note and in that same note include a request for an online review with a link to the site you want the review placed.

Turn Poor Reviews into Positive Aspects

Anyone in business knows you cannot make everyone happy, and while you try, you can’t beat yourself up over it when you don’t. Likewise, any place that has more than a few reviews is going to receive a few occasional negative comments, and they may come from unlikely sources. Regular customers who were having a bad day before they stopped at your business may take offense to something on that day. This may reflect a customer having to wait too long, in their mind, for service, or in a restaurant, finding their soup is too cold, or that a dinner plate is too hot.

The important thing for you, as the owner or manager, is to respond and turn it around, in a positive way. Don’t make excuses, but rather respond by commenting, “Oh, I am so sorry you felt that way, the next time you stop in, we’d like to offer you a bowl of soup on the house, please remind us.” Not only will your original customer be pleased his voice was heard, but potential new customers will know that you stand by your product and/or service.

Need Help Growing Your Business?

GA Wright can help! GA Wright has years of experience in the retail business and customer-based business. And, our staff is keeping up with the times, and the internet. If you are looking to expand your business, buy a little, or a lot, fill out the GA Wright online form to learn more about how someone from our team can help you increase your amount of new and returning customers. We serve businesses all around North American and beyond, contact us today and let’s make your business grow.

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store closing considerations

Upon opening a new business, no one is considering under what conditions they may want to close that business. But, there comes a time everyone must make that decision. Whether you have been in business for only a few years, or for decades, times change, and there is nothing wrong with considering closing. Whether business has been good, or not particularly, the decision to close does not come easily. That’s something GA Wright understands.

Closing Considerations

When thinking about closing some of the things you have most likely considered, or should have, including whether you have been able to meet or exceed your annual revenue projections, whether you have been able to keep your top employees happy, and whether your customers have been returning and on a regular basis. Something else to consider is whether you are happy in your business and all it entails. If the answer to one or more of these questions is no, then it may just be the time to consider closing.


If you are on the fence, we suggest you not snap to judgment too quickly. One year falling below projections may not be the end, but two or three years in a row could be cause for concern. Similarly, we all have days when we’d rather do anything else than go to work, but if you find you find you are tired much of the time, or depressed about work on an ongoing basis, that’s a pretty big hint it’s time to close up shop.


If you have made the decision to close your business, you will want to do it without leaving any loose ends. Of course, you want to get the most out of your investment in inventory, while offering your customers the best of shopping experiences.

When you call on GA Wright, you will find a helping hand every step along the way through the closing process. There is no bad time to close a business. GA Wright can help you any time of year.

A Checklist of Steps to Take when Closing a Business

GA Wright’s team of experts has decades of experience in retail sales and closing retail businesses. Our successful strategy has helped our clients in many different aspects of the retail business.

Some steps to consider when closing your business include:checklist for closing a business

  • Sale of all inventory
  • Terminate a lease or sell real estate
  • Collection of outstanding accounts receivable
  • Sale of fixtures and equipment
  • Notify your customers, employees, and creditors
  • Pay any outstanding debts
  • Complete final payroll
  • Submit final tax form
  • File income tax return and final employer tax returns
  • Cancel any permits
  • Close bank accounts

Each of these steps is important, and none should be left out. Depending upon your business and how you built it, there may be additional steps specific to you.

GA Wright Can help you Through the Process

We know that the steps to closing a business can seem overwhelming. Many of these steps represent the opposite of what you did when starting your business. You will be able to close your doors knowing everything has been taken care of.


When you call upon GA Wright, one of our associates will go over your business with you, so we can understand just what you have been doing, and what you hope to accomplish in closing the business. When you partner with us, your representative will go over your inventory and other assets, and help you plan a successful closing sale.


GA Wright takes care of planning your sale from start to finish and will stand with you every step of the way. We have experience in marketing and advertising, knowing what is best for your type of merchandise and in your location. Your longtime customers and new ones will not only show up the first day of the sale but time and time again, as they won’t want to miss anything.


With the aid of GA Wright, you can feel confident that you are closing your doors while having all your business taken care of. You will be proud of how happy your customers are, and you will be pleased by the outcome of your bottom line. We understand this is a difficult decision and time. Your GA Wright associate will be sensitive to your needs and concerns. Contact GA Wright to learn more about how we can help you for the best outcome of your business closing.


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Music Shop Store Closing

There comes a time when every retail shop owner must decide how to close-up shop. Unfortunately today, many family-owned music store owners are finding themselves faced with this question. It is a fine-tuned audience, and there are challenges to music shop closing sales unlike other types of stores. But, with the aid of G.A. Wright, there are ways to entice those musically-inclined patrons to help move your inventory.

Planning the Music Shop Closing Sale

When you call on G.A. Wright, we will send a team member, familiar with music store closing sales, out to meet with you. They will go through your shop with you, learn what you hope to achieve from the sale, and give you detailed information on how a G.A. Wright plan will work for you. When you partner with us, we’ll roll up our sleeves and get to work.

Planning the sale will take a bit of time. Your G.A. Wright specialist will go over your inventory thoroughly. As you know, there many limited niches in the music business, from the bass to the tuba, and sheet music to music stands. We will produce market-enticing ideas to get musicians and would-be musicians through the doors, and buying your merchandise.

The Actual Sale

Through the years, our clients have told us time and time again, through our help they have achieved well-beyond what they expected from their closing sale. We create an enticing sales event getting people to return multiple times throughout the life of the sale. We know when to hold pricing, and when to lower it for ultimate sales power. And, we will even help sell your displays and furnishings, if you so desire.

G.A. Wright’s consultants have spent decades in the retail world, and we are experts in inventory reduction and going-out-of-business sales. Our representative will be with you every step of the way, assuring your music shop closing sale is successful for you, while retaining that good standing in the community you have earned. Give us a call, or fill out our interest form, and we will get back to you.

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How to Liquidate a T-Shirt ShopOwning a t-shirt retail shop can be fun. Carrying funny t-shirts, or tourist destinations printed on shirts and hats can be fast money. However, carrying this type of inventory is time-sensitive whether it is the latest viral quote or a short tourist season. If you find you have excessive inventory and ready to move on to something else and close your store, you ought to seek out expert help to get the most out of liquidating a t-shirt retail shop.

Experts in Retail Store Closings

The people at G.A. Wright have worked with retail businesses for years, helping stores become successful, and helping with the closure of a store being successful, too. We are liquidation specialists who can help get you the most out of your inventory with the least amount of stress.

The G.A. Wright closing strategy plan applies to any form of retail, and we can narrow the scope toward liquidating a t-shirt retail shop. We develop high promotion sales, moving the product while keeping the store from looking empty at the same time.

Why Use Professionals?

The G.A. Wright team is familiar with planning, market analysis, promotions, media relations, integrated advertising in print, online, and broadcasting, and more. When you contact us, we will set you up with one of our professionals who is familiar with your types of product. He or she will come out to meet with you to have a look around and explain our liquidation process and why it works. We’ll help you move all of your inventory and fixtures, right down to the graphic arts press, display shelves, and counters.

When you hire us, you will see old customers and new return time after time to take part in the increased deals we have to offer. Our consultant will stay right there along with you through the length of your liquidation, assuring things are continually moving. There’s a reason our clients refer others to us. We pride ourselves on helping you achieve your goals, and then some.

If it is time for you to close your t-shirt retail shop, contact G.A. Wright and let’s get started. Our team members will travel anywhere within the U.S.  You can count on us. Give us a call today!

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How to Liquidate a Health & Nutrition StoreThe health and nutrition store business has seen a big boom in the past decade or two. People are more health conscious and are seeking vitamins, supplements, and other things to aid them toward that goal.

While rising with that upward trend, you may still find, for a variety of reasons, that now is a good time for you to go out of business. Whether it is time to retire, you want more free time, or simply want to try working in another field, there’s nothing wrong that. And while you have become an expert in nutrition, you will want an expert to help you through your health store liquidation.

How a Liquidation Works

Rather than trying to sell the store as a whole, or piecemealing out products, the team from G.A. Wright will help you prepare and conduct an exit strategy designed for you. We are experts in marketing strategies and will help prepare for and conduct high promotion sales to help move your inventory. We know timing is a factor, as with many vitamins and nutritional supplements expiration dates apply, and we won’t waste any.

G.A. Wright has spent years perfecting exit strategies for all types of retail business. Members from our team have seen it all including nutrition store closings, and similar concepts. When you reach out to us, we’ll pair you with a team member who has experience in your retail field, and has conducted numerous liquidations following the G.A. Wright strategy.

When You Call G.A. Wright

A call it will set your liquidation consulting in motion. Once we understand your business and your location, we’ll send out a representative to check out your store and develop an overall plan for the store closing. If you are happy with that plan, we will move forward.
Your consultant will be with you every step of the way, from preparing the store for its liquidation, marketing the sales, and moving your product. Count on a large first day of the sale! Our clients continually remark on the attention we have drawn to their stores, and the remarkable income reflected on their books.

The sale is more than that first day! We recognize that a liquidation sale can take a few weeks, and you should too. Your products will move down to the bare bones, and if you want the fixtures sold as well, we’ll take care of that, too.

If it’s time for you to move on from your health business, and you want to get the most out of your closing liquidation, G.A. Wright has the experience and expertise to help see you through it. Give us a call, or contact us through our email form, and one of us will get back to you right away.

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Electronic Retail Store Closing Liquidation ConsultantsIf you have been in the electronics business for any length of time, you have seen steady development in the field with a demand for the newest edition of any type of products. From televisions to cameras, cell phones to drones, it is an ever-changing marketplace to keep up with.

For some small business owners, it has brought about a time to consider closing. If you are one of those, G.A. Wright would like to help you obtain the most from your business through our electronic retail liquidation consulting business.

A Liquidation is No Regular Sale

You may have considered holding a liquidation sale for your electronic retail store yourself. Stop! Our experienced liquidation consultants have years of retail experience and worked with individuals just like you to make the most of your liquidation while moving product off of the shelf.

G.A. Wright’s consultants are experts in marketing strategies. We can help you develop a plan to move inventory, painlessly, through high promotion and advertising. Trained and experienced staff will help guide you through each step of the process. We’ll go over your inventory, line by line, and help you make the most out of it.

Can You, Should You, Do It Alone?

Sure, you could try it on your own. But why would you want to? View some of the testimonials from small business owners who utilized G.A. Wright’s assistance with their liquidations. We take the strain off of you while bringing in the best pricing for your product, amounting to a better wrap up of your store than you probably could anticipate.
When you contact G.A. Wright we will match you with the associate that best fits your needs. He or she will offer you an onsite consultation, evaluating your situation and inventory, and sharing just how our exit strategy works. Then, when you hire our consultant, we will roll up our sleeves and get to work to strategize marketing, set up advertising, and by helping you plan for the opening day of your electronic retail liquidation.

When you realize you need help with closing your electronic store, give the experts at G.A. Wright a call. We travel anywhere within the U.S. and have been known to go beyond to help with liquidation closing sales in any type of retail store.

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Kitchen Store Closing SaleMaking the decision to close up shop is a difficult one, for any reason. You got into the retail kitchen business, no doubt because you enjoy cooking and the pots and pans, knives and graters, colanders, baking supplies, and knick-knacks that help make a kitchen more functional.

Your business is most likely also your hobby, and your customers are your friends. That makes it very hard to leave. But, when it is time to retire or to move onto something else, the liquidation experts from G.A. Wright are here to help develop a business exit strategy with you and to make closing a bit less painful.

Planning Your Closing Strategy

G.A. Wright’s expert staff has experience in end of business closings for a wide array of businesses.

We will plan with you and make your closing liquidation a productive one. We help by:

  • Planning high promotion sales to help move inventory.
  • Expertise in marketing and exit strategy planning.
  • Our experience in exit strategies will guide each step of the process, and we’ll be by your side all of the way.

Why Choose G.A Wright?

We are the liquidation experts. That is what we do. Each of our team members has a vast amount of experience in the retail business, and we understand the nuances that make up any niche of the retail world. G.A. Wright will help take the sting out of your kitchen store closing while effectively moving your kitchen store inventory.

Watch the line of customers develop on the opening day of your closing sale and hear the cash register ring. Because of our plan, you will see the continued flow of sales throughout the length of your liquidation, leaving little to nothing left to contend with at the end.

Contact G.A. Wright and we’ll explore your options with you. We’ll align you with a good match from our liquidation experts, who will come out to meet you and go over our process with you. If you choose our help, our staff member will lead your team through, moving all of your inventory and fixtures, too. Don’t try to do it alone, call G.A. Wright for help with your kitchen store closing.

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How to Liquidate a Book StoreThere is something about a bookstore – the smell of leather, fresh pages off the press, and in the case of used books, even musty odors are appealing to the book hound. But, with the continued growth of the internet, notepads, kindles, and more, the printed page is getting so much harder to sell. Still, baby boomers, cling to their bookshelves lined with old limited and signed editions. However, when as a shopkeeper you decide it is time to let go, then it is time to hire the experts in exit strategies.

You Know the Book Business, Why Hire a Closing Specialist?

Liquidating your bookstore is very different than everyday sales. You still want to receive the best pricing possible for your inventory, while making some quick sales. Plus, you’ve got much invested in bookshelves, chairs, display tables, and business equipment. You most likely want to sell those, too. Moving books by the pallet-full may sound appealing, but won’t be very profitable. Here’s when G.A. Wright, experts in-store sales and closures, can really help you out.

When you contact G.A. Wright, a member of our team will pay your business a visit. We’ll go over your merchandise, furnishings, and equipment, see what timeline you would like to move on, and discuss how much of your investment we can help you profit from.

Liquidating All of Your Assets

When you choose G.A. Wright, we will help you plan the sale from advertising to displays, and markdowns. Because of our decades of experience in the field, we know where to place advertising and which marketing tools will best suit your needs in your specific location. Books will start flying off the shelf, while you continue to maintain good margins. We will stay by your side for the life of the sale, helping with one-time pricing specials, keeping the store looking neat and stocked, and more.

We know you want to walk away from bookstore liquidation with your head held high, knowing you have done the best by your customers, while also doing the best for yourself. G.A. Wright’s clients continually praise us for going above and beyond, while remaining professional and seeing that our customers obtain returns that are better than anticipated. Contact G.A. Wright today and let’s talk about how we can help you with your closing sale.

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